Suicide Demon

Have you ever been attacked by the Suicide Demon?

In one of the apparitions of Mama Mary to visionaries, she has mentioned that in the last days, many of the faithful will be taking their lives by their own hands and many will fall.  Those closest to Jesus will be attacked.

If you search google about what goes on in the mind of someone about to commit suicide, most often than not, you will end up reading lines like 'no one knows what he/she was thinking before it was committed'.

Well, today is your lucky day.  Below is an information straight from someone I know so well who was a hair-strand away from committing suicide.

My head was very heavy.  I was bombarded with all sorts of dark thoughts, of reasons why I should take away my life.  I was so full of hopelessness.  A part of me was telling me 'tell the people you love about this, you gotta let them know' but another part of me was telling me 'just keep it to yourself'.How did the feeling start?I actually did…

False Peace in the Philippines Before Duterte Came

False peace:  No bloodshed.  Abiding citizens, in disguise.  Yet in the dark corners, the illegal activities thrive.  As long as nobody is scandalized in public, no physical violence gets out in the open, it is acceptable.  That is false peace in the Philippines.

When everything appears to be according to the law, it's considered 'peaceful'. So the evil people manipulate the loopholes of the law.  Young people are manipulated to becoming movers of the drugs.  Their innocence are used as 'front' while the Commission on Human Rights  openly protects the rights of perpetrators who cannot even be called criminals yet as the 'due process is still on the way'.
False peace.  No bloodshed.  While zombies started growing in the Philippines.
After the Marcos regime, the making of the zombies started.  Drugs entered without noise.  Everybody happy.  
Years gone by, fathers start using family budget to spend for drugs.  Young girls getting raped and killed started plag…

Remedy for Occasional Spiritual Amnesia

19 7 Then he took the bread, said the blessing, broke it, and gave it to them, saying, "This is my body, which will be given for you; do this in memory of me."  (Luke 22:19)

God knew that without Jesus, we cannot live up to our commitment to God. He knew we will have amnesia at some point.

Or worse, not just 'at some point'.  We do have amnesia every now and then!

One day, we are so spiritually high. Next day, we are floating in a sea of desperation.

One day, we kneel down promising to be a good Christian, Next day, we are spewing fire over anything we can imagine.

We forget. No matter how often we profess our commitment to God.

We do forget. We do forget. WE DO. WE DO. WE REALLY REALLY DO!

AND THAT IS WHY JESUS SAID "Do this in remembrance of me."  

The Holy Communion. First celebrated in the Last Supper. Continuously being done in every single Holy Catholic Mass!  So we don't forget Him.

So, if someone asks you why take the Holy Communion, just …



Beauty in Vulnerability

I see beauty in the vulnerability of another human...

We were all born sweet, cute, adorable in the eyes of mankind.  Indeed, we were.  We had that innocence, complete trust and smiles that could melt the hearts of our parents. The beauty of our souls radiated like a beacon light to all our family members then.

Then as we journey through our lives, we get bruises and calluses that tarnish us. We get scars that somehow deminish the light from our beacons, bit by bit.  Until one day, we look at the mirror and realize how difficult it is now for us to smile. We find it difficult to give a stranger that cheerful look, that which could give hope. We now fail to grin to our family members that sends that unspoken 'You have me' words straight to their hearts.

As we journey, we learn to build defenses, we learn not to trust.  We unlearn all those wonderful things that made us sweet, cute and adorable in the eyes of mankind.  We no longer want to be vulnerable. We now want to be strong…


This month's field trip accident is not the first time for Philippines and definitely not for Tanay, Rizal.

4 years ago, same month, same province, lives were taken by field trip.

                       4 years ago, same month, Baguio, lives were also  taken by field trip.

Officials have been stubborn eversince, always finding reasons why not to prohibit field trips by schools.  Maybe, they need to have their own loved ones experience the same tragedies before they get to realize what they should have done a long time ago.

They cannot see the point that the lives of the students should not be entrusted to any institution other than their own families because only those who REALLY LOVE these young souls WILL REALLY TAKE CARE OF THEM while the rest of the people are JUST AFTER MAKING MONEY.

Do You Have An Imperfect Past?

Some of us learn through life by mistakes, making us imperfect with our pasts.  Some of us have even damaged past, not just imperfect, but totally damaged past that moving on is all we would wanna do.  Some of us are judged, some looked down, some become the topic of mindless discussions from time to time.
Cheer up.  Never get affected.  Some blessings are in disguise.
We are blessed because through that imperfect past, we are provided with knowledge that most young people really  need for guidance as they grow up.  With the knowledge we acquire from our imperfect past, we are provided with the choice to become a medium for other souls to be protected from committing the same mistakes we did, or at least present them the consequences of doing the same mistakes.  In essence, we become useful.  We help save souls.

Yes, we are blessed and we can become a blessing to others.
Never get affected by gossipers, by what others may say behind our backs, by those who judge us by our past.  Often tim…