Beauty in Vulnerability

I see beauty in the vulnerability of another human...

We were all born sweet, cute, adorable in the eyes of mankind.  Indeed, we were.  We had that innocence, complete trust and smiles that could melt the hearts of our parents. The beauty of our souls radiated like a beacon light to all our family members then.

Then as we journey through our lives, we get bruises and calluses that tarnish us. We get scars that somehow deminish the light from our beacons, bit by bit.  Until one day, we look at the mirror and realize how difficult it is now for us to smile. We find it difficult to give a stranger that cheerful look, that which could give hope. We now fail to grin to our family members that sends that unspoken 'You have me' words straight to their hearts.

As we journey, we learn to build defenses, we learn not to trust.  We unlearn all those wonderful things that made us sweet, cute and adorable in the eyes of mankind.  We no longer want to be vulnerable. We now want to be strong. We now want to prove to people around us that we need nobody because we can do all things by ourselves.

But having lost our vulnerability, goes away also the ease of loving us.  What was once so easy for others is now all gone. Once it was so easy to approach us, to laugh with us, to be with us. Now its all gone.

Sometimes, it's better to become vulnerable.  For when we are vulnerable, the people who love us become stronger.  When we are vulnerable for them, that bridge linking us become so crystal clear and strong. We become so reachable, so easy to love, so easy to care for.
When we get sick, when we get helpless, do we not get kinder to people caring for us? Do we not become like 'puppies' allowing others to attend to our needs? Admit it or not, we do get kinder.  We do feel good when somebody cares for us and for and we welcome their love for us.  Once we get better and can do away without any help from others, we restore the 'tiger' personality in us again.

Sometimes, we make it difficult for others to love us. If our defenses are up so high like walls, love would b difficult to get through.

Welcoming love is not weakness.  It is faith in action, believing that God is in control. But others would rather deprive themselves love, rather than be weak.

Sometimes, it is nice to put down all our defenses to welcome love. Sometimes we need to make it easier  for love to come.

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