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Senator Miriam Rocks!

My kind of mental stimulant. Forget the verdict on CJ Corona,  everybody knew from the get-go anyways.

(Imagine this speech being given before Senator Judges and other so-called intellects of the law. English translation immediately after the red paragraphs.)

"Nakikinig lang ako duon, nuon, sa mga argumento  na "the Foreign Currency Act violates the Constitution"??? I was already hoping with all my heart that God will strike me dead! Mabuti pang mamatay ako bilang isang abogada nang sa (kaysa) makinig ako sa mga rason na ganun! Wala yan sa libro! Wala yan dito, wala yan duon! Para bang hindi ka nagbasa ng batas mo.  Di ibig mong sabihin wala na palang batas na nagiiral sa mga trial na ito kundi kanya kanya ng isipan. THERE IS NO CONFLICT BETWEEN THE CONSTITUTION AND THE FOREIGN CURRENCY ACT.  The perceived conflict is so simplistic THAT ITS SO SERIOUSLY LAUGHABLE! Nakakatawa ka.  O, nagpapatawa ka.  .....Ano namang klaseng kagaguhan yan??? Galit kayo dahil sinab…

You got it bad for Phillip Phillips!

that freaking sexy.

You know you got it bad when...

you have a Filipino blood just like Jessica Sanchez but was secretly hoping Phillip Phillips win!

And you know got it bad when...

you've cheered for Jessica but voted for Phillip! 

Y O U  G O T   I T  F R E A K I N G  B A D!!!

Don't Tease the Devil If You Are Not Sure You Can Handle It

Recently, we've this local news about the Filipina-Panamanian date rape issue.  Girl complained to a senator of being raped by a Panamanian diplomat.  Senator took action, bearing in heart that no foreigner should just step upon a Filipina dignity just like that.  Heroic, seemingly.
But then, photos came out showing the Panamanian and the 19-year-old woman kissing in the elevator on their way up to his condominium unit in Makati City, where the alleged rape took place on the night of April 23.  What does that tell us???
Girl going to the guy's place, just the two of them? Kissing on their way to the place?
The girl danced with the devil.  She flirted with it. She invited it.  What the hell  should she expect? Do some book reading in the guy's condo?
The only reason why it is now called date rape is because she probably said "no" before the dirty deed. Even though all her actions, other than saying that word, were saying "yes".
That's where the confusi…