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TO:         The President
FR:         One of the Bosses
RE:         Unemployment, BPOs and Your SONA 2012
DATE:   After SONA Delivery

Your recent SONA expressed increase of jobs attributed to Business Process Outsourcing (BPOs), popularly known as Call Center Industry (though technically,BPOs are more than just that).  That is very helpful to young city graduates, indeed, Mr. President. 
However, please be advised that that has been the trend even before you came in.  There's really no other direction for BPOs but up, regardless who leads our country.
The issue is, IT IS NOT FOR THE MAJORITY OF THE COMMON PINOYS. Comprehension of basic English language is the basic skill one needs to pass on the preliminary exam which A LOT of wannabees fail, unfortunately.
Higher studies will tell us that only a small percent of acquiring English comprehension comes from sc…


Philippines must be thirsty for another certified glorious entertainment from God,  for another display of glory to His faithful.
We know the formula, we can use it again.  What we are up against does not believe in the living God.  They do have gods but not the living God.
With the kind of faith the Philippines have in the living God, nothing is impossible. Remember the Edsa Revolution headed by a plain wife? We are that 'plain wife' right now, compared to the status of China. Yet, we fear not to use united prayers as our one true weapon.
Our current president, the son of that 'plain wife', only need to call us all in unity to conduct days of fasting and prayers, declare it holidays, air the prayers on television.  Consecrate Spratleys and the entire land and seas to the Lord.  Lo  and behold, the faithfulness of God will bedazzle us once again.
Just a breathe of lightning,  a tremendous shake on the water, or in the land of our enemies can bend their knees, destroy them …


(I had to modify and delete some parts after having posted this for weeks.  I realized that the President must have had little to do with the good works stated in the SONA and is just lucky to have excellent speech writers.  Because of his RH Bill pressuring on the House,it goes to show that he does not really mean when he say to us 'Kayo ang boss ko.' ("You are my boss.") His actions just do not match the good image he's projecting.  Thus,does not deserve all the good writing I previously included here.)

 (Taken from the Original and complete text from

"...Nangarap po tayo ng pagbabago; nakamit natin ang pagbabago; at ngayon, karaniwan na ito.

Ang kalsadang pinondohan ninyo ay tuwid, patag, at walang bukol; ang tanging tongpats ay aspalto o semento. Karaniwan na ito.

Ang sitwasyon kung paparating ang bagyo: nakaabang na ang relief, at hindi ang tao ang nag-aabang ng relief. Nag-…

Aurora Shooting, A Movie-Inspired Tragedy

Yes, there is something in the Joker character that magnetizes .  Things that he believe in, it just draws you in.
I never realized until the Aurora incident that that is what draws people into Joker's character:  indifference.  We can say so much about his character, but if you sum it all, its so big you wouldn't miss it:  INDIFFERENCE.
It is the absence of emotion.  The absence of  concern.  It is a void, an emptiness  within  a person. If hatred is an energy that can  be converted to another form of energy, that which is love, indifference is having no energy to convert to love at all.  

And somewhere deep inside us, in our struggle with  the difficulties in our lives, there's this little darkness within us that we may not easily realize or maybe have already realized but subconsciously fighting to admit its existence: our temptations to be indifferent to others.  The temptation to empty ourselves of any energy that consumes us, that which makes us 'feel free'…

Spratleys, A Done Deal?

E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y,  there is progress going on in Spratleys. Around Spratleys. 
For China.
Step by step, gradual progress.  One day, just testing the water.  Next day, a fleet starts operating on it.
Very impressive, Chinese government.  Kudos.
Oh yeah, the Philippine government is doing something about it,too.  Of course, are you kidding me?  Of course it will have to do something about it.  In fact, it is extremely busy right now.  
Doing papers.  Doing communication.  And stuff.  You know.  Like office stuff.  Writing letters, demanding apologies, creating so much statements in the media, interviews about their protesting China.  Stuff.  You know.  Just doing something. 
Oh man, I can't help but imagine how proud each one of us is right now.  It's just so damn amazing how awesome our government leaders are in expediting and giving its extremely utmost importance.  Even the media, its just so awesome talking about it.  The entire week had the television news broadcast at least 1 mi…

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