Spratleys, A Done Deal?

E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y,  there is progress going on in Spratleys. Around Spratleys. 

For China.

Step by step, gradual progress.  One day, just testing the water.  Next day, a fleet starts operating on it.

Very impressive, Chinese government.  Kudos.

Oh yeah, the Philippine government is doing something about it,too.  Of course, are you kidding me?  Of course it will have to do something about it.  In fact, it is extremely busy right now.  

Doing papers.  Doing communication.  And stuff.  You know.  Like office stuff.  Writing letters, demanding apologies, creating so much statements in the media, interviews about their protesting China.  Stuff.  You know.  Just doing something. 

Oh man, I can't help but imagine how proud each one of us is right now.  It's just so damn amazing how awesome our government leaders are in expediting and giving its extremely utmost importance.  Even the media, its just so awesome talking about it.  The entire week had the television news broadcast at least 1 minute about it.  Isn't that amazing?  At least, the media has found a way to give time for it even though everybody is clamoring for Dolphy stuff. (To my readers who aren't Filipino, Dolphy is the epitome of our comedy arts who just passed away this month.)

Meanwhile, the Chinese guys are sitting in the coffee shops having a blast, laughing about the demand letters coming from our government.  Haha! I can't help imagine they're making so much fun of it I feel like wanting to join them!

What you gonna do about it? It sucks but what the hell, what you gonna about it, huh?

I would rather our government starts saying "Ok, fine, can we not just make this formal, dear China?  Let's have a ceremony tomorrow, we'll formally grant you Spratleys.  Forget about our other Asian neighbors who we thought are claiming it also, they don't have the balls even to check with us so we don't think they give a f*@k about it. Besides, composing and writing you demand letters is so damn tiring and wearing us now we think we've run out of nice words to say.  Obviously, you're buying time and you've done it so nicely now you're in the operation stage on Spratleys. You, silly.  Of course, we know that but what we gonna do?  We've got to follow our own self-imposed protocols so you can't expect us to give in right away , you get us?  But now, we think its perfect timing---everybody here now is convinced we don't have the capacity to launch war against you, no one has got the balls to ban your goods, so you know...So what do you say, huh? Let's have this formal awarding ceremony  instead.  And oh, bring us a lot of 'tikoys', that sticky food of yours, so nice to chew---goes well as we chew our own pride."

And oh, by the way, thanks for granting us loan for our Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System aqueduct stuff---if you don't pressure us to payback in the future, that's pretty good enough 'payment' for our Spratleys. Just don't forget the 'tikoys', ok?  Then, maybe we can consider this issue a done deal, alright? Coz we've got Chinese here too who miss your 'tikoys' and we don't want them sad.  You should know by now how much we adore you Chinese that even in our own land, you rule. 
Imagine, our own fishermen now don't feel safe fishing in the same place you are now claiming just because you have shot our ships several times in the past already and now you have your weapons aimed at them.  We know you won't fire it coz then our Uncle Sam will step in and we know you're scared of him.  But our poor guys fishing for their daily living?  They don't know that.  They scare pretty easily and our government leaders seem not to care.  Lucky you, our national heroes Dr. Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio are now dead.  Otherwise, you won't get to fish what's ours or at least fish them without allowing us to share some of them too.  And lucky you again, nobody but a few of us still care about what our heroes died for---fighting for us so nobody step on us and take away what is ours.  Like Spratleys. 

But then again, with a very big population such as yours, converted to soldiers, well---we won't compete on that.  At least, we are happy and contented with our freedom, not like your people.  Somethings gotta give.  Oh yeah, Spratleys may represent our pride, but then you need it more, and maybe you can handle it even better than us, coz our leaders are so preoccupied with so many things already they can't give time anymore to exploration and stuff.  Remember, they are so busy with 'office stuff' most of the time. Interviews. Papers.

Thanks to our Philippine government, the past leaders, the present, and of course, the future.  Its more fun in the Philippines.

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