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Homeschooling in the Philippines---Will it work?

There's a sizable number of students who are now homeschooled.  Seems to be trending. 
With the schools in the city so overcrowded now. with tuition fees pushing the parents work their asses off double time sometimes, making them absentee parents all the more, why  not? 

But are you qualified to teach your kid?  Can you afford to be home-based? 

Homeschooling---An alternative learning modality that empowers parents at home to be their kids' own teachers, following the same standard school program, recognized by Department of Education, teaching done at home, with gradings and report cards also to be shown and evaluated by the 'provider' (if the homeschooler is under a 'Provider's' program, not directly under DepEd); different from home study program.
So, are you qualified to apply your kid for the program?
First of all,  The Department of Education requires at least a college level attainment for the home teacher.  Being so probably gives th…

Dear Manny,

Thank you for all the glory you've given our country.  No matter what, you are a legend.
Thank you for rising up to the call, giving your countrymen something to look forward to in every fight you've had in the international ring uniting us all even for just a day---watching you, cheering for you.

Thank you for using the fame to benefit a lot of your poor countrymen, helping them however you can. Instead of keeping it all to yourself, Heaven knows the generosity you've extended to the needy ones.
Thank you for taking the opportunity to speak openly for God and spreading His Word.  It was so courageous of you.  You are an inspiration to many of your countrymen.
And now that someone else has taken the title that used to be yours, you are given a different kind of opportunity to inspire us all the more:  Submission to God's Will.

We know not what His plans for each of us are.  We only need to submit ourselves to wherever God is leading us.  His time, not ours. 
You're prob…

Bath Salts: Did It Cause the Cannibal Attack?

Feels like I am in a twilight zone.

Is this for real?????????? Now, I keep thinking of The Walking Dead TV Series! 
But this' gotta be true, CNN has aired it.  There's a man who ate the face of another man, said to be under the influence of a "super drug" and seemed to be like a 'super human'.
CNN aired "According to the Miami Police, they have seen similar cases lately, people behaving strangely and showing what appears to be super human strength..."
Police suspect 'Bath Salt drug' is the culprit. Something like a combo drug.
A combo?  That can make you eat another human? What the hell?  I know weeds can really make you hungry, but  to make you wanna eat human?  I need to take a deep breath.
Ok, how about the 'super-human strength'?  Well, meth/coke does stuff in our adrenalin so definitely, it has a hand on that too....Although, isn't that supposed to decrease one's appetite?
It has also been mentioned that there was another inci…