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Each of Us Has Been With A Super Hero

Nine months caged in a bag.  Inside a human body.  Inside your mom's body.  And that was just the beginning for your hero's journey in carrying you through.
Or maybe not.  Maybe someone else took that job from your original hero.  Maybe someone else became that hero for you.  And you also call that hero your 'mother'.  Maybe a second mother but still a 'mother'.
Filipino mothers made it to the headlines this year.  A mother filled and consumed by tears of sorrow for the innocent daughter in jail, a hopeful mother for a son bringing glory to his country and to God with his very own body on the line, a mother grieving for a son defeated by illness.

Its very easy to judge these mothers over the net, criticizing them, finding faults, making fun of them, as if they their pains are just any normal pain our own heroes suffer everyday.

It doesn't take a mother to understand another mother.  No.  A child who has been loved by a mother can understand any other mothe…