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What We Keep Forgetting When In A Relationship

Yesterday was the Feast of Mother Mary of Mount Carmel.  Am very sure this is why I am reminded today of something I learned from a friend who entered the convent of Mount Carmel years ago.

Her name is Loida. She is a very devoted lady, a devotion I have wished to have before and is still struggling in this lifetime.

One time, we had a conversation on her life in the convent.  She said that there, they cannot have close friends.

I was surprised.  No close friends?  What does she exactly mean by that?  Aren't they supposed to be full of love and have friends because of that?

And so, by the puzzle emitted by my voice, she explained without asking what could have caused the invisible question mark on my forehead.

"The reason why we can't have close friends is because we are supposed to be non-exclusive to any one.  We should love every one equally.  No special friends.  No special treatment.  All equal."

These thoughts just sprung to my mind again today.  And I quickly…


In the catholic teaching, the purpose of marriage between a man and a woman is for procreation.

What if the two can't just have children?  Did they defy the purpose of marriage then? (This should be covered in another topic though, not here.)

What if two persons in love just don't intend to raise children, for any reason,  be it weird, unacceptable or acceptable (free will, remember?) ?  Should that mean they should not seek marriage by church?

I think this is where civil marriage comes in.

Civil marriage is not about procreation.  It is about giving protection to spouses.


Which everybody, everyone in any romantic relationship, should have. Regardless of sexual orientation. WHETHER IT BE FOR STRAIGHT COUPLES OR NOT-SO-STRAIGHT, LEGAL RIGHTS FOR SPOUSES SHOULD BE PROVIDED BY GOVERNMENT.

When I saw this video, I was moved. And I was thinking, any one who has been or is into a serious romantic relationship will be moved after seeing this, regardless of religion or …

The Best Prayer for Work

Work itself.

That is the best prayer for work.

Most often than not, we busy people get to pray only at the end of the day, when all our tasks for the day are done, just when we are about to drift to dreamland.  More often than not, once we lay our tired body on the bed, we struggle to finish the rosary.  We even wake up the next morning with the rosary at the end of the bed or anywhere but our hands, convincing us that we didn't finish it or maybe worst, have not even started it that night! haha
But what can we do?  We wake up in the morning and we're always in a hurry.  Seems like its only at night that we can really have time with Him, right?
So what now?
Actually, we can have meeting with God the whole day everyday, weekdays.  Working days.  
What am I saying???
I am talking about taking our career work as a form of prayer.  Somewhere in the Catholic world, I've learned  that we can glorify God by giving our best, our heart and soul according to whichever status we are in.  …


There are tons of advices out there how to keep a relationship. And yet, there are even more relationships getting trashed.  So I figured, maybe if there would be tons of advices how to trash a relationship, then there can be more relationships getting saved?
So here goes my...
1.  Do not forgive.  Do not forget.
Sorry is a word that is so heavy to let go from our mouth but can really restore a broken relationship when said with utmost sincerity.  If you find it very difficult to forgive your significant other from his/her mistakes, especially errors that cannot be corrected anymore just because it has happened already and there's nothing the person can do about it, if you do try to bring these errors again and again in your arguments, then you are surely pushing your significant other little by little to the edge because you are caging that person in a dark place painted by you, giving that person no more chance to grow or move on from the erro…