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The Best Prayer for Work

Work itself.

That is the best prayer for work.

Most often than not, we busy people get to pray only at the end of the day, when all our tasks for the day are done, just when we are about to drift to dreamland.  More often than not, once we lay our tired body on the bed, we struggle to finish the rosary.  We even wake up the next morning with the rosary at the end of the bed or anywhere but our hands, convincing us that we didn't finish it or maybe worst, have not even started it that night! haha
But what can we do?  We wake up in the morning and we're always in a hurry.  Seems like its only at night that we can really have time with Him, right?
So what now?
Actually, we can have meeting with God the whole day everyday, weekdays.  Working days.  
What am I saying???
I am talking about taking our career work as a form of prayer.  Somewhere in the Catholic world, I've learned  that we can glorify God by giving our best, our heart and soul according to whichever status we are in.  …