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Do You Have An Imperfect Past?

Some of us learn through life by mistakes, making us imperfect with our pasts.  Some of us have even damaged past, not just imperfect, but totally damaged past that moving on is all we would wanna do.  Some of us are judged, some looked down, some become the topic of mindless discussions from time to time.
Cheer up.  Never get affected.  Some blessings are in disguise.
We are blessed because through that imperfect past, we are provided with knowledge that most young people really  need for guidance as they grow up.  With the knowledge we acquire from our imperfect past, we are provided with the choice to become a medium for other souls to be protected from committing the same mistakes we did, or at least present them the consequences of doing the same mistakes.  In essence, we become useful.  We help save souls.

Yes, we are blessed and we can become a blessing to others.
Never get affected by gossipers, by what others may say behind our backs, by those who judge us by our past.  Often tim…

Senator Miriam Fought For the OFWs in Her Last Few Months at the Senate

I knew I was going to cry the moment I heard the news. But for some reasons, it just won't fall. I knew I was going to be affected this day but for some reasons, it just wont sink in right away. I had to go to work.

I had to wait until my work ended. I wanted to start writing already about her,why her death affects me.
I remembered. A year ago, I signed a petition for OFWs, a petition that originated here in UAE, from a Filipino, addressed to her: To fight the intrusive inspection of the Bureau of Customs on OFWs Balikbayan Boxes.
I searched from my inbox and saw the emails. Our signed petition. And her response.
Yes.  She did respond.

That's when my eyes became like a faucet of tears.
Because that issue was close to my heart. And signing up on that petition was the least I can do to help my countrymen with that issue. And it was given attention by the very first Philippine government official ever that I have really really believed in, the very very first presidential candidate in t…

President Duterte Has Resurrected the Craving for Independence

OVER 16 MILLION  Filipinos crave for the change that Presidente Duterte stands for.

We have a president who loves us back, who speaks for us and make things happen the way we want it for us.  And that's all it takes to ignite the craving for independence: from foreign governments' manipulations, evil plots and what not.  We have a president who believes in our own country.
To the young generation, the words 'Philippine Independence' may just mean only one thing: holiday.  As if its too much to understand.  Just because they cannot relate.  Never felt, never experienced.  Nobody knows anymore that it is something to crave for.  Of what it feels like to crave for it.
Philippine presidents kept changing, little improvements here and there. Yet, the sense of independence that the Philippine heroes of the past have fought for remained there, past. The sense, the craving for Philippine Independence, for a long long time, has just remained in one place: Philippine History Boo…

Torn Between Two Leaders

Philippines' President              The Catholic Archbishop

My heart goes for both of these leaders for my dear country. And its hurting to see that these two leaders are in contradiction right now, both aiming for the good of the Filipinos.
I feel that the Church itself have failed these victims of killings also.  I including, being a part of the Church.  Yes, we have failed to seek the lost.  We have failed to exert effort and really go out after  them. In our circle of friends, in our neighborhood, we have one or two we know have something to do with drugs and yet what did we do?  We were all contented with the overused line 'Let us pray for these souls', 'I will pray for him/her'.  But do we?  Really?  Its easier to isolate ourselves and play safe, right?  Its more convenient to be with our own chosen assuring friends than to mingle and try to spend time even just to ask 'what's going on with you? how are you?', maybe…

Thank You, Mother Angelica

We have just been touched by another saint in this generation.