Do You Have An Imperfect Past?

Some of us learn through life by mistakes, making us imperfect with our pasts.  Some of us have even damaged past, not just imperfect, but totally damaged past that moving on is all we would wanna do.  Some of us are judged, some looked down, some become the topic of mindless discussions from time to time.

Cheer up.  Never get affected.  Some blessings are in disguise.

We are blessed because through that imperfect past, we are provided with knowledge that most young people really  need for guidance as they grow up.  With the knowledge we acquire from our imperfect past, we are provided with the choice to become a medium for other souls to be protected from committing the same mistakes we did, or at least present them the consequences of doing the same mistakes.  In essence, we become useful.  We help save souls.

Yes, we are blessed and we can become a blessing to others.

Never get affected by gossipers, by what others may say behind our backs, by those who judge us by our past.  Often times, these are the ones who actually bring only real damage to souls.

Never be brought down by imperfect or damaged past for through that imperfection, we are polished to let the gold in us shine through and be a real blessing to others.

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