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So Much for the Church Enthusiasm Over the Sacraments

A girl fond of frequenting the Adoration Chapel visits her parents' hometown. Finds out the Church there has one. Girl visits it. Loves it. One day, girl decided to move place to her parents after being separated from them for a long time. Girl becomes happier doing so.

A month after, girl visits the Adoration Chapel. Shocked. Not there anymore but ruins, blocks of rocks piled up.

Sunday comes, girl shyly approaches priest:"Fr.,when will the Adoration Chapel be restored?" Priest: Would you guard it 24 hours?" Girl:"Oh...Ok...I get it."


Same girl visits Quiapo Church, a famous Catholic Church in Manila, for the first time. After a very long travel, her exhaustion almost vanished completely seeing that there is an Adoration Chapel there.  Excitedly, she approaches the outside of the Adoration Chapel and starts removing her shoes.

A lady in what seemed to be a Church uniform there approaches…

Senator TG3: The Beacon of Light of the Philippine Senate

News Flash:  There is still this one thing left to look forward to in the Philippine Senate.
The contributions of Senator TG Guingona.
Just when everybody promises transparency during campaign season and forgets the meaning of the word once elected, there's this one golden senator who literally lives up to the idea of transparent governance.
Just when most of the legislators develop the habit of  contributing to the deep sea of mediocrity with their backward ideas,  this senator comes up with fresh, relevant and timely contributions.
Author of the Crowd Sourcing Act 2012.  Opposed CyberCrime Act. Sounds like this is the only Senator who can really relate to the current technology, eh? Loud support to the Design Act? Awesome. And these are just a few!

Check out his website His tweets .  His Facebook account  Its no self-advertisement.  Its a documentation of what he really is doing.
His advocacies will make…

The Glory That Was: USA

I promised myself not to write anything about the US Election 2012 and instead vent all my hopes for the Americans through my daily rosary.
But now that election is done, I can't help but feel the sadness over those who've voted for Mr. Mitt Romney.  These people need change of leadership but now they have to live four more years with the leader they feel is making things more miserable for them. While the rest rejoice.
I feel sad just because USA is not anymore the same USA I used to look up before.  
It used to have so many great men to admire, to look up to, to memorize their great lines to inspire the youth, even those who are not Americans.  It used to have the Americans loving the memories of Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy and promoting and living what these two men have strived for.  It used to be like one big country all united, just one place with one dream, one goal.
It used to be the champion of democracy.  Our big brother looking over us.  Always strong.

INTERCEDE: A Catholic Game for Kids

Download for Mac Download for Windows MORE GAMES AT 'Games for the Soul' !
Once upon a time, I wondered what kind of religious educational games can I find on the internet.  I stumbled on a forum where one comment struck me the most and seem to have stayed in my memory for quite a while.  It actually bothered me.  It was a remark made about a catholic game attempted by a Filipino priest, a hurting remark that generalized all  religious games which says that every single religious game is downright crappy each and everytime.
Technically, the remark has some truth. Hurting it maybe.  Just because most of those who attempted to create such games are not technically schooled for it but capitalizes on their good hearts alone, on their honest to goodness intent to send a good message across, especially to educate the children through games.  A priest? For crying out loud.  He has to be commended for even trying to learn how to make one.  It's not his forte.  Yet he took the chance…