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Christmas Spirit --- The Spirit in Christ's Manger

Today is the day when God became physically visible to mankind, became the Son of Man named Jesus.  And we call this day Christmas Day.
Last night, at the Holy Mass of Christmas Eve, our parish priest shared his experience of seeing the actual manger in Israel where Jesus was born.  His sharing was so sincere that when he said that it made him cry seeing that manger, it almost made me cry too.  Can you imagine having your child born in a stinking place where horses rest and eat?  How would you feel having your most loved person give birth there, if you are a husband?  How should one feel having a God who is the creator of all the entire universe and yet chose to become human and be born in a manger? Makes you think, right?

Made me think.  I've always known the manger to be that humble.  But to be stinky?  I think I missed that one.
Suddently, a thought came over me.  I always pass by  this beggar-looking man near our church each time I hear a Holy Mass.  He doesn't beg, he just …

Philippines Overpopulation or City Overconcentration?

I wanted to write about this perfectly. I was thinking of posting this to challenge the various intellects of our government: those overly-cocky with their knowledge on the matter, those who are secretly confused but making a stand outloud just for political reasons, and those who realized late what are factually correct but are embarrassed to change sides.
So I tried first to research how the world defines these words: overpopulation and over-concentration.
I had to stop after few minutes. I realized that the definitions of the world just don't matter. I don't want to be like those leaders getting lost in the definitions of it all that they miss the very simple practical meanings of the words to a common ordinary person like me. I know the meaning of the words by heart. I have experienced the meanings myself.
I grew up in the city. Have moved from the capital to its adjacent cities too from time to time, as work dictated. I know what's in it. Rare are the houses tha…

Miracles and Faith

I should have made an entry on this blog 2 days ago, right on the Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  But I guess the Blessed Lady would like me to experience again a  little miracle first before posting this.
Two weeks ago, my computer broke down.  For some seemingly simple mistake, it broke down.  I tried fixing it myself using standard solutions, you know, stuff you see from internet, suggestions from various techies and all that.  Nothing worked.
So I had to send it to a computer technician.  Took him 2 weeks to have it returned back to me, unfixed.  The first week he had it, I was already realizing he's having difficulty finding the solution.  Asked me to give him until next Friday.  Another week of me hardly breathing.
A day before that 'next Friday' came.  I was fearing that my computer really won't get fixed anymore and I literally cried that night.  But then I started thinking, it's the Feast of Mother Mary.  She's not gonna deny my request for her petitio…