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RH Bill,Win-Win for UN & Philippines?

With the RH Bill just passed in Congress today in finale reading, game is over.  RH Bill is now part of the Filipino lives.

Its a win-win situation for both United Nations and Philippines.

It has always been said on foreign tv stations,mostly American, that in the future, people in the third world will increase and they gonna want more resources, consume more resources, thus the need for others to continue finding alternatives to their present source of basic needs.  What is not being said is the covert option of ensuring that the third world does not increase its population which would then eventually compete for the world resources.

Hence, the program of United Nations for Population Control.

And the RH Bill of the Philippines just support that. In a subtle way.

Subtle because RH Bill is passed in the name of 'protecting women and children' and 'women's rights'.  And not population control.

With the arguments of the pro-RH Bill, I personally have been convinced t…

PRAY, Evil is Pressed For Time

Evil is pressed for time.

Just today, 18 children gunned down in US in their very school. 

Yesterday, 22 children stabbed with knife in China, also in their very school.

Last month, Philippine killings here and there in the very homes of the victims, almost e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y.

It just makes you so powerless.

Something I can't get out of my head right now: a message of the Blessed Lady I've read in Thunder of Justice which book I don't have now.  She said that in the last days, Satan will double his time because he knows his time is near. It will seem like the evil one is winning but have faith.

The evil one knows where to strike, where it hurts most:  the children.


So Much for the Church Enthusiasm Over the Sacraments

A girl fond of frequenting the Adoration Chapel visits her parents' hometown. Finds out the Church there has one. Girl visits it. Loves it. One day, girl decided to move place to her parents after being separated from them for a long time. Girl becomes happier doing so.

A month after, girl visits the Adoration Chapel. Shocked. Not there anymore but ruins, blocks of rocks piled up.

Sunday comes, girl shyly approaches priest:"Fr.,when will the Adoration Chapel be restored?" Priest: Would you guard it 24 hours?" Girl:"Oh...Ok...I get it."


Same girl visits Quiapo Church, a famous Catholic Church in Manila, for the first time. After a very long travel, her exhaustion almost vanished completely seeing that there is an Adoration Chapel there.  Excitedly, she approaches the outside of the Adoration Chapel and starts removing her shoes.

A lady in what seemed to be a Church uniform there approaches…

Senator TG3: The Beacon of Light of the Philippine Senate

News Flash:  There is still this one thing left to look forward to in the Philippine Senate.
The contributions of Senator TG Guingona.
Just when everybody promises transparency during campaign season and forgets the meaning of the word once elected, there's this one golden senator who literally lives up to the idea of transparent governance.
Just when most of the legislators develop the habit of  contributing to the deep sea of mediocrity with their backward ideas,  this senator comes up with fresh, relevant and timely contributions.
Author of the Crowd Sourcing Act 2012.  Opposed CyberCrime Act. Sounds like this is the only Senator who can really relate to the current technology, eh? Loud support to the Design Act? Awesome. And these are just a few!

Check out his website His tweets .  His Facebook account  Its no self-advertisement.  Its a documentation of what he really is doing.
His advocacies will make…

The Glory That Was: USA

I promised myself not to write anything about the US Election 2012 and instead vent all my hopes for the Americans through my daily rosary.
But now that election is done, I can't help but feel the sadness over those who've voted for Mr. Mitt Romney.  These people need change of leadership but now they have to live four more years with the leader they feel is making things more miserable for them. While the rest rejoice.
I feel sad just because USA is not anymore the same USA I used to look up before.  
It used to have so many great men to admire, to look up to, to memorize their great lines to inspire the youth, even those who are not Americans.  It used to have the Americans loving the memories of Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy and promoting and living what these two men have strived for.  It used to be like one big country all united, just one place with one dream, one goal.
It used to be the champion of democracy.  Our big brother looking over us.  Always strong.

INTERCEDE: A Catholic Game for Kids

Download for Mac Download for Windows MORE GAMES AT 'Games for the Soul' !
Once upon a time, I wondered what kind of religious educational games can I find on the internet.  I stumbled on a forum where one comment struck me the most and seem to have stayed in my memory for quite a while.  It actually bothered me.  It was a remark made about a catholic game attempted by a Filipino priest, a hurting remark that generalized all  religious games which says that every single religious game is downright crappy each and everytime.
Technically, the remark has some truth. Hurting it maybe.  Just because most of those who attempted to create such games are not technically schooled for it but capitalizes on their good hearts alone, on their honest to goodness intent to send a good message across, especially to educate the children through games.  A priest? For crying out loud.  He has to be commended for even trying to learn how to make one.  It's not his forte.  Yet he took the chance…

Cyber Martial Law 2012 Philippines: PERFECT POLITICAL TIMING

NOTHING CAN BE MORE PERFECT THAN THIS.  ("COINCIDENTALLY" A BRILLIANT WAY TO A STRESS-FREE IMAGE CAMPAIGN ON ELECTION)what an awesome think that the 'LIBEL' line was 'inserted at the last moment', No, election was never the reason the law was ensured to be enforced this year, silly. That would be the last thing in their mind.And they'll never exploit the hungry-for-criticvendetta-push-over-senator in owning all the noise this law has created.It was made for our own protection.For our very own interests, the people.Embrace it, it was done with the protection of our rights in their utmost priorities. They are so educated in technology they don't even have to study the implications.


(Two days after I blogged this, I saw this from Inquirer site about a certain issue: 
"A third Palace official on Sunday said the government could not block the video because the Internet was covered by the freedom of expression. "Now this really confuses me on the real stand of the Palace about LIBEL as part of cybercrime punishable in our country!)

Next to the Bill of Rights, this is the new law that should be engraved in our heads, dear Filipino netizens.

I've taken the liberty to encode portions of it for those of you who might need to copy it.  I bet the computer science students would be requied to take this up on their Constitution subject.

I've omitted the Penalty part.  For sure, there will be more complete postings from other blogs and I wouldn't waste my time me…

Sec Robredo Died Being a Real Parent and Public Servant; Capt sacrificed life

Just a few days ago, I was blogging about something to look forward to, something inspiring. I didn't have it coming that just few days after, I'd be blogging something completely sad.
This morning, August 21, 2012, Sec Robredo's body was indeed found about 180 feet deep in Masbate water, along with heroic Capt. Jessup Bahinting and a trainee co-pilot, Nepalese Kshitiz Chand, after 3 days of search and rescue mission and unceasing prayers nationwide. 
I just can't get it out from my mind, the fact that Sec Robredo chose to deviate from the normal flight protocol because he was in a hurry to be present for his child's awarding program. (According to ANC
Sec. Robredo should not have been in a hurry had he not chose to work first that day.  Had he not chose to represent the President that day in some engagement, among others, maybe he could have given full time to his family affair and thus attend to his kid's program on time.
But he was an obedient servant.  He c…

Olympics Withdrawal Cure

You just can't get enough of it.  You want it to just be there all the time and make it completely part of your system now. It's just so awesomely wonderful feeling, watching it and following it for two weeks straight you just stopped caring for every thing else you used to like doing just before the Olympics fever started.
Its the magic.  Its the unity of different nations.  Its the commitment to health, to physical fitness.  Its the self-discipline and adherence to rules.  Its the finding out of what one can prove when the best is given.
But now the Olympics is over.  
And now you don't know how to reconnect to the you-before-Olympics.  Worst, there's that feeling of refusing to reconnect.  You wish to stay still in that fifteen days of Olympics magic. 
You try to tune-in to tv shows you were fond of before, but you feel empty.  You try to get back to the work you've been busy with, two weeks  ago, but still there's emptiness.  Nothing seems to entertain you but …






TO:         The President
FR:         One of the Bosses
RE:         Unemployment, BPOs and Your SONA 2012
DATE:   After SONA Delivery

Your recent SONA expressed increase of jobs attributed to Business Process Outsourcing (BPOs), popularly known as Call Center Industry (though technically,BPOs are more than just that).  That is very helpful to young city graduates, indeed, Mr. President. 
However, please be advised that that has been the trend even before you came in.  There's really no other direction for BPOs but up, regardless who leads our country.
The issue is, IT IS NOT FOR THE MAJORITY OF THE COMMON PINOYS. Comprehension of basic English language is the basic skill one needs to pass on the preliminary exam which A LOT of wannabees fail, unfortunately.
Higher studies will tell us that only a small percent of acquiring English comprehension comes from sc…


Philippines must be thirsty for another certified glorious entertainment from God,  for another display of glory to His faithful.
We know the formula, we can use it again.  What we are up against does not believe in the living God.  They do have gods but not the living God.
With the kind of faith the Philippines have in the living God, nothing is impossible. Remember the Edsa Revolution headed by a plain wife? We are that 'plain wife' right now, compared to the status of China. Yet, we fear not to use united prayers as our one true weapon.
Our current president, the son of that 'plain wife', only need to call us all in unity to conduct days of fasting and prayers, declare it holidays, air the prayers on television.  Consecrate Spratleys and the entire land and seas to the Lord.  Lo  and behold, the faithfulness of God will bedazzle us once again.
Just a breathe of lightning,  a tremendous shake on the water, or in the land of our enemies can bend their knees, destroy them …


(I had to modify and delete some parts after having posted this for weeks.  I realized that the President must have had little to do with the good works stated in the SONA and is just lucky to have excellent speech writers.  Because of his RH Bill pressuring on the House,it goes to show that he does not really mean when he say to us 'Kayo ang boss ko.' ("You are my boss.") His actions just do not match the good image he's projecting.  Thus,does not deserve all the good writing I previously included here.)

 (Taken from the Original and complete text from

"...Nangarap po tayo ng pagbabago; nakamit natin ang pagbabago; at ngayon, karaniwan na ito.

Ang kalsadang pinondohan ninyo ay tuwid, patag, at walang bukol; ang tanging tongpats ay aspalto o semento. Karaniwan na ito.

Ang sitwasyon kung paparating ang bagyo: nakaabang na ang relief, at hindi ang tao ang nag-aabang ng relief. Nag-…