RH Bill,Win-Win for UN & Philippines?

With the RH Bill just passed in Congress today in finale reading, game is over.  RH Bill is now part of the Filipino lives.

Its a win-win situation for both United Nations and Philippines.

It has always been said on foreign tv stations,mostly American, that in the future, people in the third world will increase and they gonna want more resources, consume more resources, thus the need for others to continue finding alternatives to their present source of basic needs.  What is not being said is the covert option of ensuring that the third world does not increase its population which would then eventually compete for the world resources.

Hence, the program of United Nations for Population Control.

And the RH Bill of the Philippines just support that. In a subtle way.

Subtle because RH Bill is passed in the name of 'protecting women and children' and 'women's rights'.  And not population control.

With the arguments of the pro-RH Bill, I personally have been convinced to switch to its side.  Freedom of choice, so they say.  And so I think, well, if God gives us freedom to choose, then why should people deny that freedom to us?  We should always have that freedom to choose.

And so, the advocates of RH Bill win.  And so does the UN.

With the Filipinos getting their freedom to choose concerning reproductive health.  And UN being assured of no Philippine competition on world resources.

In the light of freedom to choose, yes we won.  In the light of being manipulated by UN to protect their own selfish interest, we lost.

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