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How About a "Blank" Prayer?

(What an ecstatic feeling to have your prayers answered sooooo quickly! Just few hours after this article has been posted, we woke up to the news about the Boston Marathon Bomber we've prayed for is captured already!!! THANK YOU LORD!!! THANK YOU MAMA MARY! YOU ROCK!)

My little buddies and I usually say the rosary on Sundays only and on the 13th of each month, being careful to do it with free will instead of feeling obliged.  But today, Friday, we had 'emergency' prayer to intercede for two things: for  the Boston peeps on a lock down in search of that Boston Marathon suspect who can hurt just anybody anytime now, and for an immediate family member's safe, hassle-free, and peaceful return to our country.

As we reached the fifth mystery, I kinda paused.  I realized that its a different feeling when there's a very specific intention you have in mind when saying the rosary. Even with my little buddies, them knowing what specifically we're asking the Lord for, as a…