How About a "Blank" Prayer?

(What an ecstatic feeling to have your prayers answered sooooo quickly! Just few hours after this article has been posted, we woke up to the news about the Boston Marathon Bomber we've prayed for is captured already!!! THANK YOU LORD!!! THANK YOU MAMA MARY! YOU ROCK!)

My little buddies and I usually say the rosary on Sundays only and on the 13th of each month, being careful to do it with free will instead of feeling obliged.  But today, Friday, we had 'emergency' prayer to intercede for two things: for  the Boston peeps on a lock down in search of that Boston Marathon suspect who can hurt just anybody anytime now, and for an immediate family member's safe, hassle-free, and peaceful return to our country.

As we reached the fifth mystery, I kinda paused.  I realized that its a different feeling when there's a very specific intention you have in mind when saying the rosary. Even with my little buddies, them knowing what specifically we're asking the Lord for, as a group, it makes them more intense saying the rosary.   It's like, your 'powers' are focused on that few intentions alone  which adds to your confidence that you will be granted a favorable answer in no time.  It's different as compared to when your prayer is 'generic', when it's just for 'all', not focused on specific individual or intention.

In that split second, I suddenly desired to offer another special intention. Of which intention I weirdly don't know. For some reason, I just felt that last mystery is meant for a very specific intention of which I had no idea what is.

I had to say something already. The children were waiting for me to start the fifth mystery. I had to talk already. I just knew at that very second  I had to start it with "We offer this last mystery for".  So I started.

"We offer this last mystery for..."

Then without thinking, came from my mouth:

"... whatever it is You wish to be prayed for at this very moment.  If there's someone or something You wish someone is praying for at this very moment, who is or which is  in critical need for prayer but has none interceding,  let it be our intention for this last mystery Lord. You know who is or what is in great need of help right now.  Let your intention be our intention, Lord." 

 Somehow, as we said that last decade, I felt the importance and the urgency of that intention.   We know not everything, the Lord does. We must have a 'slot' for His intentions too.

A 'blank' prayer.  Nothing to do with you, or your loved ones, or your immediate need.  Nothing to do with whatever it is you think needs to be prayed for.  It's just a blank prayer.  To be filled by Jesus.  It's like "Here Lord, fill in the blank.  Mother Mary and us will pray for it."

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