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Do you care enough?

Let's do our best each day to live with our CONVICTION OF THE HEART......

PHILIPPINES SONA 2011, Rekindling Chivalry

It's ok to do good to your countrymen in the simplest, most concrete way when an opportunity presents itself.
Among all that was said by the President of the Philippines today in his State of the Nation address, the most beautiful message that I drew up from that speech was just that:  It's ok to do good to your countrymen in the simplest, most concrete way when an opportunity presents itself for you to do so.
It was really nice to hear the top man of the country talk about simple things that are often overlooked by simple citizens like you and me, and take the chance given to him at SONA for these simple things.  When everybody expected him to talk big on big issues alone, he managed to remind us of simple things that matter too: caring for one another, showing appreciation to those who sacrifice themselves serving us by simply saying THANK YOU.
"Itigil na po natin ang paghihilahan pababa. Ang dating industriya ng pintasan na hindi natin maitakwil, iwaksi na po natin. Tuld…

Amy Winehouse: RIP

With such a talent, dead at 27.

Bet she enjoyed her living days.  The wrong way.

But she enjoyed it.  And while enjoying it, there were people enjoying it more:  HER ENABLERS.

And now that she's gone, bet these enablers are the most affected!  Who are they going to play with their band now?  Stupid morons.

Watch the concert video below and you'll easily see who these enablers are.

As for you, reader, you make sure that if ever you're gonna put yourself in some shitty habits, make sure you are not overpowered by your moronic enablers in every sense.  Much more, emotionally and mentally.  Let them bury themselves into the mud but you make sure you can always get out by your own will.

And this one maybe is a personal anthem to some peeps out there...

This one ain't by Amy Winehouse but reminds me personally of some of the enablers I personally crossed path in the past.  This one is heartfully dedicated to those of you in denial.

The Laws of Physics

Life is no exemption to physics. 

Casey Anthony Verdict: Worst than Death

She may seem to have gotten scotfree, but in a bigger scale, its gonna be even worst than getting a death penalty. TORTURE BY SLOW DEATH.

What's it gonna be like after she has served her term for the Falsification Charge? How is it gonna be when she joins back the society? Obviously, the stigma will be there with her forever. Guilty or not, she will be psychologically tortured by the society till her last day here on earth.

It's bothering to hear and see people crave for somebody's death, criminal or not. But it is equally bothering not to have Casey Anthony punished for having something to do with the death of her 2-year old girl Calee. How do you explain a mother knowing that her kid is dead for 30 days and within that 30 days goes partying? Having a tatoo that says Bella Vida (beautiful life)?

One does not have to be a graduate of Law to realize that there's something wrong with that.

An angel just got suffocated with duct tapes, thrown in a muddy place, rot…

MEN AND WOMEN OF RH BILL: The Hypocrite and the Dumb.

You support RH but do not live it.

Can you look at the mirror and say, "Honest to goodness, I really really would like to use condom each and every time I do my girl"? CAN YOU? WILL YOU?


You like blow jobs. YOU FREAKING DO. And you just hate interrupting the spontaneity of the activity when you have to think of the rubber that needs to be put on your dick.

Do you have that discipline enough to stop during the peak of your activity with your girl, stop, pause, grab for the rubber? You hardly have the discipline to stop dating somebody else's chick, and you think you can have this liiiiiiiiitle bit of discipline needed on the bed for a safer sex?

And you who has no fear fooling behind your wife, checking to motels countless times with different willful girls hungry for acceptance and appreciation, do you honestly fear of impregnating this hot girl you just wanna f**k and f**ck and f**k as opportunities permit? I know you don't, dude. Get real. In the …