MEN AND WOMEN OF RH BILL: The Hypocrite and the Dumb.

You support RH but do not live it.

Can you look at the mirror and say, "Honest to goodness, I really really would like to use condom each and every time I do my girl"? CAN YOU? WILL YOU?


You like blow jobs. YOU FREAKING DO. And you just hate interrupting the spontaneity of the activity when you have to think of the rubber that needs to be put on your dick.

Do you have that discipline enough to stop during the peak of your activity with your girl, stop, pause, grab for the rubber? You hardly have the discipline to stop dating somebody else's chick, and you think you can have this liiiiiiiiitle bit of discipline needed on the bed for a safer sex?

And you who has no fear fooling behind your wife, checking to motels countless times with different willful girls hungry for acceptance and appreciation, do you honestly fear of impregnating this hot girl you just wanna f**k and f**ck and f**k as opportunities permit? I know you don't, dude. Get real. In the deepest, darkest back of that mind, you couldn't care less about the girl. She willingly sits down in your car knowing where you are going anyways, right? She must know what she's doing. And that's what we all think and believe in.


You don't freaking care about condoms. You just don't.

AND YET, YOU HAVE THE FREAKING GUTS TO SAY "Give us freedom! Support RH Bill!"


Oh yeah, sorry I almost forgot. You can simply pass the "discipline" responsibility to the women, right? That must be what you're thinking. Let the women take the pills. They wanna be your bitch anyways. Makes sense. Take advantage sa katangahan ng babae (take advantage of the stupidity of the girl).

Thanks to our women who willingly take the pills over and over again. It seems they love destroying their body, their very own health. Its confusing though. They take all these beautifying agents and chemicals we see on the commercials yet they destroy their body at the same time. Weird. They are not even afraid to shout to the media "ITS OK TO ABUSE ME! GO ABUSE ME SOME MORE!" Only, they use different wordings: "SUPPORT THE RH BILL! SUPPORT THE RH BILL!

You dumb women are the saving grace of our hypocrite men. Thank you. You are forever fickle minded. You take pride in "women power" yet you would love to be controlled by your men who downright abuses you, straight to your face. Another hypocrite.

You, supporters of RH Bill, are all perfect for each other. Bunch of hypocrites.

The worst part is, YOU CAN'T FREAKING SEE WHICH SIDE CARES ABOUT YOU, IDIOTS. You think the proponents of that bill care about you?????? The government is forever failing us and yet, you dare turn your back from that one party who has always been there to catch us when we are about to fall! Who was that side who helped us get through the People Power of Cory??? Who was that side who RESTORED OUR DEMOCRACY??? WASN'T IT THE CHURCH!!!

AND NOW YOU DARE ASK "FREEDOM!" AND FIGHT THE CHURCH??? You just think you know it all just because you have that brain in your body working for you. But the moment you get sick and have that brain put in coma, you come running to the Church and promise to do everything just so God does you a favor. YOU FREAKING HYPOCRITES.

Now, since you take so much pride in being "know it all", I bet you don't know this: That if the RH Bill is passed, the Philippine Government will be mandated by the UNITED NATIONS to allocate billions from Filipino taxpayers to fund the program, including national distribution of FREE contraceptives and sterilizations NOW, WHY THE HELL SHOULD WE SHOULDER THE CONTRACEPTIVES FOR YOU PEOPLE WHO ARE JUST SO PERVERTED IN LIFESTYLE? Go ahead and make it win but don't you ever make us pay for it! YOU PAY FOR IT!

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