Casey Anthony Verdict: Worst than Death

She may seem to have gotten scotfree, but in a bigger scale, its gonna be even worst than getting a death penalty. TORTURE BY SLOW DEATH.

What's it gonna be like after she has served her term for the Falsification Charge? How is it gonna be when she joins back the society? Obviously, the stigma will be there with her forever. Guilty or not, she will be psychologically tortured by the society till her last day here on earth.

It's bothering to hear and see people crave for somebody's death, criminal or not. But it is equally bothering not to have Casey Anthony punished for having something to do with the death of her 2-year old girl Calee. How do you explain a mother knowing that her kid is dead for 30 days and within that 30 days goes partying? Having a tatoo that says Bella Vida (beautiful life)?

One does not have to be a graduate of Law to realize that there's something wrong with that.

An angel just got suffocated with duct tapes, thrown in a muddy place, rotten and eaten by animals. With no one answering for it, not even the mother. No serious charge on Casey despite of compelling evidence. ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT?

Casey may not get a death verdict but she will get tortured by the society, a slow and even more painful death than a lethal injection. In the end, justice will be served.

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