The Laws of Physics

Life is no exemption to physics. 
Love is energy.  Love, being an energy, can neither be created nor destroyed.  It can only be passed around.  Since it cannot be created, you have to receive some before you can share some.  No human can create energy.  It is just out there flowing, from one person to another, from one form to another.  God is the Source.  If you aren't getting much from the people around you, get some from Him.  And, you cannot destroy love just as energy cannot be destroyed.  It can only be passed around.

Never assume not to be opposed.  It is to be expected: an equal and opposite reaction.  And when you think you are not opposed by anything, think again.  Because the Law of Physics never fails.

Getting outbalanced in life does happen, sometimes. Don't you just hate it when you unintelligently invite forces outside your system that seem to be bigger than you and overpowers you and worst, throws your comfortable life into chaos?

i simply love physics.

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