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The Downside of New Gen in Business Communication

Not so long ago, knowing the English language was not enough to get hired in any corporation.  When it comes to transactions, you've got to be skilled in crafting your words, to get your message sent across with an angst on it yet very subtle at the same time. Specially when you represent the Management, or at least be their right hand or wing man.  You just gotta sound smart yet full of substance and not just angst: proper diction, right intonation or tone setting of the letter and all those stuff.
You sleep a few years later and suddenly, you can't tell what's a business correspondence from a casual conversation.
You try to craft a letter to convince a business partner that you're doing your best to address his/her issue with all your effort choosing for the right words not to be negative about the take time composing the letter....and after sending it, in a blink of an eye,  you get a response from your so-called business partner with the words like …


I can turn off the news, I can block out the views, I can alter my reality,  but is that my answer to their calamity?

Help me hear what my soul says Strength to love, strength to pray, help me amass Help me not look the other way And remind me as often that...

                this too shall pass.

You  look at the scale of devastation made by typhoon Haiyan (local: Yolanda) in the Philippines and you get lost for words.  Your head struggles to absorb the reality, seems like just in a movie.  For a moment, you space out.  Then you start admitting to yourself it is real.  You are on one end --- the observer.  At the other end is this tons of people, tons of your countrymen in agony.  It makes you feel so helpless for a second that you just wanna look the other away.
Each and every time you see the news about the suffering of victims of Yolanda typhoon, you feel a punch on your stomach and you feel nauseous.  You cannot understand why all this has to happen and you struggle for ideas on how to help…

Inappropriate Festivities for the Christians

This Halloween, the Church became vocal against the promotion of evil characters being worn in costumes. They say it should be the time to promote the heavenly characters like the saints and angels instead of promoting evil characters which could attract negative vibes in the air.
Agree.  There are just some practices that don't fit the Filipinos.  Practices that are like 'trying hard to be foreign'???

Just like the Mardi Gras that was celebrated somewhere in  Central Luzon where I was at last October.  It was the highlight of their October festivities.   Its a three-day celebration, streets flooded with young people at night, like ants crowding the main street, where a needle cannot find a place to fall into.
But what does Mardi Gras mean? 

The difference between October fest and Mardi Gras is:  October fest  was created for simply drinking spree whereas with Mardi Gras, in its history, is like a mockery to the followers of Jesus who are about to observe Lent, the 40 days fas…

Is It Possible To Glorify God When In Trial?

Never easy when you are under trial.
Nope, hell not.
Not when you feel you've been in close contact with the Big Man Upstairs all the time.
But then, if you are indeed in close contact with Him, then for sure, you will be given the courage to stand up for what He stands for and sooner than you expect, you've moved on and have learned from your trials.
For the past weeks, calamities have struck us here and there, compounded by man-made 'calamities' in our government, here and there.  One could wonder, 'Is this a punishment? What have I done wrong to get punished like this?"
But our God is A GOD OF LOVE.  He might be stern from time to time but HE IS A GOD OF LOVE. A JUST GOD as well.
There are things we can't fathom.  Things that is way beyond our understanding. Lord Jesus said, 'What you don't know is not for you to know."  This is where faith comes in.  Instead of questioning endlessly that fill us with doubt, we got to swim across that oc…



The Inconvenience of Saying 'No'

It's good to be full of love. Yes.  But sometimes,  I wished I was thought early also of how it is to hurt others.  To say 'NO' when somebody means to do you wrong; 'NO' to even something that will seemingly benefit you but in the end will just corrupt your spirituality. 

Yesterday, I went to NBI provincial branch to renew/apply again for my clearance.
( I was happy to see that an ID was asked from the applicants before issuing an application form.  Just an ID though, not two, in contrast to what's on the internet if you search it.  But THAT WAS OK.  At least, they seem to follow now the protocol.  NOT LIKE THE LAST TIME I WAS WITH A FRIEND who just paid without even being asked for an ID where my friend in his dirty mind started toying with the idea of faking an identity.  Just to trip.)
The procedure went smooth until I was given the receipt with the accompanying words of the window man: 'ONE MONTH'.…

What To Do With Sudden Happiness

Have you ever felt a moment when you suddenly weirdly feel overly happy or maybe even crazily joyfully ecstatic that you just don't seem to know what to do with that kind of emotion at the moment?
Or maybe simply plain happy and you feel limited to expressing it by a little smile on your face?
Do you know what to do?
Well you should know! Because that sudden happiness is like a plastic bag overloaded with goods ready to burst for others to enjoy! Its just waiting for you to let it!
 Okay.  Fine.  Things are running into your head now on what to do with sudden happiness.
The answer is so simple, thinking head.

and since


here's the answer to the question!

Share that happiness not by telling someone that you are happy
but by actually making someone happy!

Pray for Benhur & Metina's Protection

As the pork barrel-Napoles issue continues all over the  media, as ordinary Filipinos, I guess, the best we can contribute is to pray for the protection of the whistle blowers.

(Unless I get invited to a nation-wide or metro-wide revolt against the government...that'd be the best!)
For those new and catching up with the issue, check this out from the one who fanned the flame.
(Taken from
Anonymoussays: AUGUST 1, 2013 AT 6:43 PM Janet Lim Napoles has strong ties before with the late Emilia Boncodin, DBM Secretary. Emilia is the one that keep Janet in the loop whenever a budget or SARO is approved and to which senator or congressman.
Gringo Honasan is a dear friend of Janet’s husband, Jimmy Napoles. I was surprised when I read somewhere online when Honasan was interviewed and he said that he doesnt know the Napoles family.

During the coup in Cory’s time, Jimmy napoles was driving a tank on the…