I can turn off the news,
I can block out the views,
I can alter my reality, 
but is that my answer to their calamity?

Help me hear what my soul says
Strength to love, strength to pray, help me amass
Help me not look the other way
And remind me as often that...

                this too shall pass.

You  look at the scale of devastation made by typhoon Haiyan (local: Yolanda) in the Philippines and you get lost for words.  Your head struggles to absorb the reality, seems like just in a movie.  For a moment, you space out.  Then you start admitting to yourself it is real.  You are on one end --- the observer.  At the other end is this tons of people, tons of your countrymen in agony.  It makes you feel so helpless for a second that you just wanna look the other away.

Each and every time you see the news about the suffering of victims of Yolanda typhoon, you feel a punch on your stomach and you feel nauseous.  You cannot understand why all this has to happen and you struggle for ideas on how to help ease their pain. You start saying a prayer, begging God for mercy.

But there's another prayer that  is equally important:  A prayer to help each one of us not to look the other way.

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