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No can do, RH Bill. Jail Bill, Pwede?

Somebody I know gave birth to 4 kids from different men. She's not ignorant, she has a functioning brain, she has the capacity to make her own money. She is aware of contraceptives, being a health personnel herself. But she just keeps getting pregnant. And to top it all, the kids get distributed to their own dads.

Do you think RH Bill will be able to help her stop making babies??? Do you think women like her or soon-to-be-like-her can be helped by sexual education of RH Bill? You know the answer much as I do.

The thing is, people like her deserves some form of tough discipline. Women who keep creating kids without anything to feed them should be disciplined; number of kids should be in proportion to income. AND. Not Or. AND, Baby makers who don't give a damn on the psychological damage they create for their kids should be punished. Because they just won't stop. They won't care. The moment they feel the body heat of their men, they just won't care abo…

Being Single

A personal choice? By providence? Or, by default?

Let's take the first one, personally choosing to be single. This ain't for cowards. Definitely not. Choosing to be single forever could mean incessant questioning of people around you about your choice as if you have no idea what to imagine happening to you in your aged years. Something that can get annoying but cannot be avoided---some of them asking just out of curiosity on your choice, some wrongly equating singleness with being a hermit or close to being anti-social thus really finding it wrong, some feeling perfect in their married life-- now thinking that marriage is and must be the only option there is for EVERYONE, and some others question you just for the sake of having a say on it.

But why do some people choose to be single even if there is the option not to be?
Maybe this can be best answered with another question: Why do people choose to enter and stay in a relationship even if its not bearing any good fruit …

That Place Called "Adoration"

There's just more than magic in that place. Adoration.

Years ago, there was a girl who challenged me to do something she thought would be challenging for me, knowing that I'm such a headstrong and daredevil and the couldn't-care-less type of soul.

Her challenge: Go to the Adoration, stare on the only thing that is actually in that place, a tiny white round unleavened bread that actually does not look like bread, and believe that it is the actual body of the Lord Jesus.

Daring that I am, I simply said "Sure." Secretly though, there's one second of doubt that crossed my mind, the thought telling me "hmmm, that doesn't sound easy...staring at something like an object and believing that is somebody? Much more, uhhhm...the Lord Himself?"

So I asked, "Where is that place anyways?" And I was embarrassed when I was told that it is just at the Church! Me being a regular Sunday Mass attendee! That tiny secluded place beside the Main Church…

Lunar Eclipse Philippines 2011


In my loooooong years of unsubstantial existence, its just now that I am able to actually witness a lunar eclipse over my rooftop.

Just when my expensive binoculars have been sold already by my cousin in exchange for some dope. Without permission.

But I got to keep memories of this. I just gotta make do with my cel cam.

Looks like being darkened by clouds only. But not really. With my pathetic cam, of course its an ugly,imperfect shot. What can you expect.

Now this one is what it actually was. Blushing moon. Red-faced. This ain't even the full red face. The rest, you can surely google or YouTube it.

Out of excitement, I woke my little niece up, to witness it as well. Sleepily, while watching, she threw me a dreaded question: "How does lunar eclipse happen?"

Shit. That's the same question I asked myself just minutes ago before waking her up, and wasn't able to answer. I had to pretend I didn't hear her.

Just when I have forgotten the sc…


As of School Year 2010-2011, per unit costs from 75Pesos up to 2000+. Some of the colleges have applied for an increase this coming school year and must have been approved as of this writing.

Below is the list of college schools accredited by Commission on Higher Education (CHED), taken from CHED's website, with their corresponding basic tuition fee per unit; some, along with courses offerred.

The basic tuition fees here are from schools themselves replying to inquiry through their email addresses as published here. Those tuition fees in red, however, were taken from an already-existing published info. If your tuition is not reflected here and you'd like to share it, POST IT ON THE COMMENT and I'll gladly add it up in the database.

Also, the schools were color-coded according to their classification as per CHED:
green and orange for STATE UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES, respectively; maroon and yellow for PRIVATE UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES, respectively. KNOWING THE DIFFER…

CHILDREN CHASTITY EDUCATION: Protection against Pedophiles and Homosexual Predators

(I actually am referring to chastity education when I say there is a need for sex education.  Sex education emphasizes on sex and in a way, promotes it on children which I am opposed to. Chastity Education is what I actually am referring to when this entry was written.)

In an impersonal view on sex education, one might not care for it if the kids involved are 7,8,9,10 or 11 years old. After all, there's no way they can contribute yet to the population explosion. But if one would view it in a very personal level, one would definitely find sex education for kids extremely important. It is the best weapon of kids against disguising demons: pedophiles and homosexual perverts who prey on kids.

The failure of our past was the limiting of the context of sex education to the birds, bees and flowers story by our elders. It was so constrained in scope so much so that the only purpose it served and is still serving is education on procreation.

We should correct it. In this age when pedoph…