No can do, RH Bill. Jail Bill, Pwede?

Somebody I know gave birth to 4 kids from different men. She's not ignorant, she has a functioning brain, she has the capacity to make her own money. She is aware of contraceptives, being a health personnel herself. But she just keeps getting pregnant. And to top it all, the kids get distributed to their own dads.

Do you think RH Bill will be able to help her stop making babies??? Do you think women like her or soon-to-be-like-her can be helped by sexual education of RH Bill? You know the answer much as I do.

The thing is, people like her deserves some form of tough discipline. Women who keep creating kids without anything to feed them should be disciplined; number of kids should be in proportion to income. AND. Not Or. AND, Baby makers who don't give a damn on the psychological damage they create for their kids should be punished. Because they just won't stop. They won't care. The moment they feel the body heat of their men, they just won't care about the pregnancy. Something has to give.

I think, it should be criminalized.

The very premise of RH Bill is to curb the population explosion, right? RH Bill can't solve it. JAIL BILL CAN.

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