CHILDREN CHASTITY EDUCATION: Protection against Pedophiles and Homosexual Predators

(I actually am referring to chastity education when I say there is a need for sex education.  Sex education emphasizes on sex and in a way, promotes it on children which I am opposed to. Chastity Education is what I actually am referring to when this entry was written.)
In an impersonal view on sex education, one might not care for it if the kids involved are 7,8,9,10 or 11 years old. After all, there's no way they can contribute yet to the population explosion. But if one would view it in a very personal level, one would definitely find sex education for kids extremely important. It is the best weapon of kids against disguising demons: pedophiles and homosexual perverts who prey on kids.

The failure of our past was the limiting of the context of sex education to the birds, bees and flowers story by our elders. It was so constrained in scope so much so that the only purpose it served and is still serving is education on procreation.

We should correct it. In this age when pedophiles and perverts abound, designing an effective curriculum for the kids' sex education appropriate for their age is critically important.

For example, they should be educated on who are the only people they should allow to see or touch their privates and the situations where it is allowable.
This includes telling them who are the only people who can order them to undress or do things to their body, including people holding cameras. A very creative explanation should be given also so they are empowered with sound reasoning if ever they do encounter a situation requiring it.

They should also be taught on the type of kiss they may give to others, which part of the body is it limited to, how to do it, and where it can and cannot be allowed. They should be empowered with the right to say "enough", "I don't want", "no". At the same note, they should be taught which part of their body they can only be kissed if they are offered one from an allowable person.

With their knowledge of the functions of their privates, they should also be taught that touching other people's privates is outright wrong and only doctors in the hospital do that.

The issues of trust and obedience versus resistance of the kids on favors being asked of them by anyone should be taught early on, along with training on good judgment. One error I use to hear from elders teaching kids: "Respect people older than you. Be obedient to them." It is frightening to be taught this and this alone without being told also that there are bad guys out there too which are just as old as the people they are told to respect.

Since it is really difficult to be with the kids all the time when they are watching television, there are times when kissing scenes and the like are seen by the kids. This, too, should be taught to kids as an activity that a man and a woman in a relationship do, and is strictly an adult activity. It should be explained also to the kids that any adult activity has a corresponding responsibility towards other people so the kids will not think that anything that they see being done by adults is just okay for them to try. These are just some of the things that must be included in the sex education of prepubescent/preadolescent kids.

Under UNICEF, one of the basic rights of the children is The Right to Education. It is their right to be educated, including about sex as it is part of a person's make-up. Equip them with the weapon of knowledge. Don't let their souls be damaged permanently by predators out of ignorance. Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

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