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Church Annulment: Void from the Start

There are so many discouraging advices you will get from people around you when considering church annulment. Most of the time, they will tell you to go for civil annulment first, then after it is granted, go for the church annulment. If you fall for this trick, you will most likely to cross out the church annulment totally afterwards.

Your call.

Below is the almost-entire content of the 'Marriage "ANNULMENT" What? How?" by G.F. REYES, JCD, including the GROUNDS FOR ANNULMENT, that is freely given by the Archdiocese of Manila Office just for the asking.  Some of it can be found also at the Archdiocese of Manila website: The only missing part here is the "How to Make the Case History".

(Marriage "ANNULMENT" What? How?" by G.F. REYES, JCD)

Dear Friends,

The ending of a marital relationship, in which two people …


(The following was a forwarded email to me by a friend. Hope you share this to others too!)

Regardless of whatever Creed or Religion, it is better to be
prepared and be in good terms with GOD,...who created us;
for we never know when we will be leaving this world.....


The Church has given permission to reveal to the people the last part
of the message. The Blessed Virgin appeared to three children in Fatima ,
Portugal , in 1917........ this is a proven fact;one of these children was
Lucia, (died 2-13-05).

She was a cloistered nun, and lived in a monastery in Portugal .
Lucia disclosed the message for the first time; to Pope Pius Xll who,after reading,  sealed it and stored it away without making it public.Later Pope John XXIII read it and, in the same manner as his predecessor,he kept it out of the…