Mourning and Missing You, Dixie

Dear Dixie,

I miss you already. Just hours ago you were just hanging around in my room and I was just working on the computer as usual.  I wanted you to stay inside the house today  for as long as you wanted but I thought you might become bored since I was all busy here and the kids were out playing so I thought you might wanna play outside too.  I didn't know it was gonna be your last visit in my room, Dixie. 

I learned my lessons well from Trixie.  Just one bark from you  I come running. You know how to bark well when you needed my attention.  You know I can distinguish it from your 'happy bark' to 'just intimidating other dogs' bark" and your "hey am hungry already" bark.  And you know you always get me when you wish it.  Because that's what I learned from Trixie.  'Come running when I bark'.

I thought that was all I needed to learn to ensure your safety. Now, you taught me another lesson.

I could go on cursing the speeding driver and that stranger who left our gate open and that relative who invited that stranger, Dixie. You know you couldn't get hurt without me fighting for you.  But then I wouldn't be the happy master you came to have known, right?  I know I have to get over this very quickly but I just wasn't expecting any hurts anymore after having moved here.  Your leaving so quickly really caught me off guarded, Dixie. I'm so sorry for what was happened.  I hope your death was like 'kosher', I hope it was an instant death, Dixie.  You know I've always fought for you whenever I hear your SOS bark, even just for little things that bothers you.  I couldn't stand hearing you hurt.  How much more seeing you with blood on your head.  I'm so sorry Dixie for having that kind of death.  I had hoped you'd grow old and die of old age instead. But then I thank God that there's not so much wound on your body. You were just really knocked hard on your head, like Pacquiao being knocked down on his last fight.  I know you didn't really see it coming, did you?  Coz your Master Lolo didn't even heard you cry or make any kind of SOS.  He ran for you as quickly as he realized it, you know.  But all he had was your last breath, Dixie.  Thank you for waiting for few more seconds for him before completely leaving your body, Dixie.  He pulled you right away off the street and all of us cried but we couldn't do anything else. 

I miss bathing you.  Its your bath day today.  You're so obedient when bathing, you even would give your legs one at a time for me to sponge.  Just one call, you come running.  You know my voice so well and I will really miss that, Dixie. Your other masters would even envy me having you come running so quickly with just one call.  And yes, your recent weirdness, I will miss too.  I kept telling my little buddies that an angel might have appeared to you and might have gotten close to you physically, enchanting you with her gown that's why whenever you come close to our sofa, to the curtains, to the table cover, you would weirdly slow down, walking so slowly with your body touching the sheets. 

So long, Dixie,  Your frisbees are on display now. Our neighbor so sympathized with us and promised to give us one of their little ones tonight. Maybe she'd play your toys too when she becomes at ease with us. Maybe I'd name her something that's like yours. I'll call her Pixel.   I won't be replacing you though.  Your pictures will remind us that you would always be different from the others, ugly as you are haha!  I've always known your hair wouldn't grow as thick as I would wish too but it didn't matter much to me except that I had to make sure your skin is on tip-top condition all the time since it lacks protection from your hair.

I miss you already, Dixie.  Even though you make me mop our floor each night for running around the house like its your very own big playground.  I miss checking you out at night to see if you want a belly rub.  I miss hearing your first bark on me in the morning to have breakfast with me and take whatever I take.

But the most I will miss, Dixie, is both of us having real fun playing together.  You have your way of starting the "catch me if you can" stuff and I can't resist giving in.  You make me run like a child outside as if I am six years old.  I miss it so much even just by the thought of it and now it makes me cry so hard. 

Goodbye, already.  I know you are a floating spirit now, Dixie. I don't know what to make of that but I just hope you have a good time wherever you are.  So long.

And like I always tell you each day of your stay here:  I looooooovee you dixie dixie.

Your Bestfriend,

Master Lea
Brattie Dixie with Master Hannah
March 26, 2013

Dear Dixie,

We were just told today that your mom is pregnant again by your dad! Looks like you can come back again to us! You might be feeling a bit off though becoming a baby again, if you choose to comeback again! But don't worry, we'll take care even real real better this time!  Am just so excited I'll be having a friend again bore by the same mom  who gave you to us! And, we'll probably get a playmate for you as well as your neighbor dog is pregnant too! Oh Dixie.....I can't wait to have you back!

Your Master Friend

April 15, 2013

Dear Dixie,

Do you know that Bamboo is now frequenting our house?  You know it would be impossible if you're around still but well, we remember you trying to play with her before, big as she is and so I decided, why not try to befriend her as well, in your memory?  At first, it was really hard coz we both hardly knew each other but you know, Bamboo is really really gentle and even shy!  Made me even wanna scold you now  for having barked hard on her before, that intimidating bark of yours, realizing that she's not deserving of that kind of treatment, dixie! You're really a brat, huh!

Today, she validated her trust!  She allowed us to give her a rub, you know.  I was very happy when she did that but still, am trying to figure her out coz she's pregnant and she's so not wanting her tummy to be touched so its really not that easy for me to give her a rub the way I rub you.  But apart from that,  she really demonstrated that feel-at-home phase already.

Few more weeks to go Dixie, before your mom gives birth again.   Can hardly wait.

I love you dixie dixie.  I miss you soooooo much.

Master Lea

May. 28, 2013

Dear Dixie,

Am.  bit.  better.  now,.  dix..  We.  got.  your.  baby.  brother.  now!.  He's.  pretty.  tough.  though,not.  like.  you...  He.  growls.  at.  times.  when.  he.  doesn't.  get.  things.  his.  way..  Total.  spoled.  brat,dix.
Now,.  I.  make.  sure.  there's.  always.  someone.  keeping.  an.  eye.  on.  him..  He.  even.  sleeps.  with.  me.  and.  yes,. I.  get.  to.  wake.  up.  to.  tend.  to.  her.  night.  needs.. He's.  living.  totally.  inside.  the.  house.  already,.  and.  within.  a.  week,.  he.  got.  used.  to.  walking.  on.  tiled.  floors.  and.  not.  finds.  a.  bit.  uncomfy.  when.  we.  let.  him.  outside.  for. few.   minutes.. I.  think.  he's.  gonna.  be.  really.  bratty.  as.  he.  grows..  He.  doesnt.  even.  drink.  just.  any.  milk,dix--just.  Yakult!

I.  will.  miss.  you.  forever.  Dix..  But.  I'll.  be.  moving.  on.  for.  now.

love.  you.  dixiedixie.

Master.  Lea

New.  pup.  Dexter

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