The Glory That Was: USA

I promised myself not to write anything about the US Election 2012 and instead vent all my hopes for the Americans through my daily rosary.

But now that election is done, I can't help but feel the sadness over those who've voted for Mr. Mitt Romney.  These people need change of leadership but now they have to live four more years with the leader they feel is making things more miserable for them. While the rest rejoice.

I feel sad just because USA is not anymore the same USA I used to look up before.  

It used to have so many great men to admire, to look up to, to memorize their great lines to inspire the youth, even those who are not Americans.  It used to have the Americans loving the memories of Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy and promoting and living what these two men have strived for.  It used to be like one big country all united, just one place with one dream, one goal.

It used to be the champion of democracy.  Our big brother looking over us.  Always strong.

But now its so sick.  And it needs healing fast.  But its people are so divided that healing seems to be so far and away.

And it has even abandoned its best ally, ISRAEL.  How can this all possibly be? With the USA I used to look up to, this is not possible.

Up until the end of the Bush administration, I would admire those people who would strive hard to get to USA and aim to live there.  I would imagine how great it would feel to be living there, regardless of your economic status.

But after the Bush administration, I dread the thought of being there and would even wonder why would people of different nationalities would even fancy the thought of living in USA.  There's just no reason to live there anymore.  Its not the same USA that it was before.  There's no more one common dream for the people.  Everything is so divided.  Why would you wanna go there?

From time to time, I get to read American comments on different issues on the internet and I see how young Americans respond to issues.  Its so full of hatred, full of selfish interests and so opinionated and narrow-mindedness that constructive criticisms just don't exist anymore.  Every word seems to meant to destroy someone instead of helping improve the person.  Are these the kind of Americans now?

I grew up thinking that Americans stand for freedom--that is, freedom for the good of all.  But now, I see that the freedom that they clamor is not for the good of all but for their own destruction. Freedom from God.  Anything that has to do with their morality, they want to be free from.  They call it curtailment of freedom and many other names. And yet, the freedom they clamor is the very thing that imprisons them to miseries.

I know and I believe the real good Americans are still there, taking the cross for the others.  Suffering from the wrong choices and actions of the misguided ones.  I wonder how they can win the others over with the issues their nation is now confronted with.  It just seems so impossible now.  Going back to God is their only real hope.

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