Olympics Withdrawal Cure

You just can't get enough of it.  You want it to just be there all the time and make it completely part of your system now. It's just so awesomely wonderful feeling, watching it and following it for two weeks straight you just stopped caring for every thing else you used to like doing just before the Olympics fever started.

Its the magic.  Its the unity of different nations.  Its the commitment to health, to physical fitness.  Its the self-discipline and adherence to rules.  Its the finding out of what one can prove when the best is given.

But now the Olympics is over.  

And now you don't know how to reconnect to the you-before-Olympics.  Worst, there's that feeling of refusing to reconnect.  You wish to stay still in that fifteen days of Olympics magic. 

You try to tune-in to tv shows you were fond of before, but you feel empty.  You try to get back to the work you've been busy with, two weeks  ago, but still there's emptiness.  Nothing seems to entertain you but Olympics-related stuff. It just suddenly becomes a bit difficult to be happier!

What you gonna freaking do with it???

I came up with my own cures that just might work for you too.



1.  Stop watching the re-runs.

 Its only gonna increase missing the Olympics.  Your subconscious will fight back, convincing you  that what you're watching isn't happening anymore.  Try to tune into regular games instead.

2.  Follow your favorite athletes on Twitter.

 Its gonna make you feel connected with them even if you don't get to watch them anymore in   the Olympics.  You get to know their insights better---which, as they move on, you get to move on as well.  With them.

But be forewarned: they are not and cannot be as chatty in the Twitterverse as normal peeps are!  Of course we don't want them to spend their precious time tweeting, would we!

3.  Bookmark those sports sites that can regularly update you and even let you watch it as it happens.

Check this out: (then get back to my site!)

http://livetv.ru/en/ - live streaming of games, video archives, worldwide coverage 

 http://live.fibaeurope.com/  - play-by-play update,  Euro
http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/   - news update, international

4.  Do something relevant to it.

     Work out is the best. Pick up those gears  and start shaping up again.  Trash the junk foods and start living healthy again.  This will make you feel united in spirit with the athletes of the Olympics.

5.  Get back to whatever you love to do before.  But this time, give it your heart and soul.

     Our favorite athletes train with their heart and soul.  Its what they love and they want to excel on it.  They work hard to excel on it.  If you do the same in your chosen field, no matter how different it is from the sports you love to watch, in spirit, you are living the same path they are in.


Getting into the Olympics fever was indeed a high.  The beauty, the suspense, the ecstasy watching  your team getting the gold, the breathlessness of seeing your favorite athletes get the silver or bronze instead, after seeing them play like they deserve the gold---EVERYTHING.

To sum it all, maybe the best cure would be:


Until the next one. ",)


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