Miracles and Faith

I should have made an entry on this blog 2 days ago, right on the Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  But I guess the Blessed Lady would like me to experience again a  little miracle first before posting this.

Two weeks ago, my computer broke down.  For some seemingly simple mistake, it broke down.  I tried fixing it myself using standard solutions, you know, stuff you see from internet, suggestions from various techies and all that.  Nothing worked.

So I had to send it to a computer technician.  Took him 2 weeks to have it returned back to me, unfixed.  The first week he had it, I was already realizing he's having difficulty finding the solution.  Asked me to give him until next Friday.  Another week of me hardly breathing.

A day before that 'next Friday' came.  I was fearing that my computer really won't get fixed anymore and I literally cried that night.  But then I started thinking, it's the Feast of Mother Mary.  She's not gonna deny my request for her petition to God for a little miracle.  I know she won't.  How can she turn me down when she knows I've learned my lesson well from getting so hooked on the computer so much so that I was already missing my responsibilities to the kids entrusted to me? How can she turn me down when she knows I've sincerely corrected it in that 2 weeks of living without the computer? And yes, I have renewed my vows to help her in interceding for others through the Holy Rosary.  She's not gonna turn me down.  She will intercede for me and I will get that little miracle I need from God.  God will be cast His eyes on me and be merciful on me that day.  So I fell asleep talking to the Blessed Lady.

Friday came.  A song kept playing in my head. Weird.  A song I've never heard for a long time.  Not even from the Thursday Holy Mass I've attended.  It's the Magnificat song.  A song about the Blessed Lady.  It just kept playing in my head all day!  And for some reasons, I wasn't worrying anymore about the computer, you know, that heavy feeling? Its just gone. Weird.

Afternoon came, our housekeeper arrived bearing my computer.  Unfixed.

For some reasons, I did not feel any sadness at all.  I just took it back, plugged it in and made one try doing the same thing I did 2 weeks ago.  Didn't work.  Then all of a sudden, something just came to me.  I took 2 keyboards, plug them both at the same time, and pressed the same keys on both keyboards at the same time, and lo and behold!!! The sign of hope shone through!

Yes, I was able to get it going from there.

It can't be the keyboards. Coz I've done it 2 weeks ago. Each of the 2, one at a time, I've tested the combination keys with them.

I knew it was a miracle.  It has got to be a favor I've received from God.  It has got to be the Blessed Mother's faithful intercession for me on her Feast day.

I swear there's nothing in the internet that would give you the advice to do what I've done to resolve my computer issue.  It just doesn't make sense doing it!  But I did.  Without thinking.  I just did it.

Maybe that's why all day I've been hearing in my head the Blessed Mary's song.  It was like an angel whispering to me "be happy today, for God has heard Mary's prayer for you."

And so today, just before I started writing this, I began recalling the little miracles, the little special favors I've received from God ever since and I am reminded once again that if you are in a State of Grace with the purity of good intention, ask what you will and it shall be granted unto you.  That is my personal realization. It works ALL THE TIME.

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