Each of Us Has Been With A Super Hero

Nine months caged in a bag.  Inside a human body.  Inside your mom's body.  And that was just the beginning for your hero's journey in carrying you through.

Or maybe not.  Maybe someone else took that job from your original hero.  Maybe someone else became that hero for you.  And you also call that hero your 'mother'.  Maybe a second mother but still a 'mother'.

Filipino mothers made it to the headlines this year.  A mother filled and consumed by tears of sorrow for the innocent daughter in jail, a hopeful mother for a son bringing glory to his country and to God with his very own body on the line, a mother grieving for a son defeated by illness.

Mary Jane, imprisoned in Indonesia, victim of drug trafficking.

Its very easy to judge these mothers over the net, criticizing them, finding faults, making fun of them, as if they their pains are just any normal pain our own heroes suffer everyday.

It doesn't take a mother to understand another mother.  No.  A child who has been loved by a mother can understand any other mother's misery or fears.  We do.  There's really no need to put hurting remarks on social network sites about these mothers.  Because deep down inside of us, we know we understand them.

Jam, lost the battle against cancer.  
Even when these mothers really seem to be on the wrong side sometimes, we can understand them if we would really want to.  Its all about the connection between the mother and the child.  The pain. The yearning to be together again.  The hope of being able to whisper to the child and say 'You're safe with me, my child.  We will be ok.  You have your hero.'

At the end of the day, what matters to the mother and the child is their togetherness. Everything else either puts them down or lifts them up but it won't matter to them. Its all about aching for the other's presence, grieving and forgetting everything else but the pain and suffering. Its not easy to think and be logical when all you feel is pain and sorrow. When you know you are the hero of your child but you can't save him/her...It's that feeling.

Instead of spreading hurtings, why don't we just magnify the moms who have done so much for their children and have produced good fruits?   And for those who are in despair, why don't we just pray to help them find peace and comfort in God? 'When there is hatred Lord, let me bring your peace.'

Manny, brought glory to his country- with consistent humility and giving glory to God.

Before we came to this world, God planned and destined our mothers to us.  They came first to prepare our way, to take care of us, to look after us.  Blessed are we who have experienced these.

The author of this blog was brought up by this woman Susana, patiently suffered all that a mother goes through to raise her child as God would have her. 


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