Bath Salts: Did It Cause the Cannibal Attack?

Feels like I am in a twilight zone.

Is this for real?????????? Now, I keep thinking of The Walking Dead TV Series! 

But this' gotta be true, CNN has aired it.  There's a man who ate the face of another man, said to be under the influence of a "super drug" and seemed to be like a 'super human'.

CNN aired "According to the Miami Police, they have seen similar cases lately, people behaving strangely and showing what appears to be super human strength..."

Police suspect 'Bath Salt drug' is the culprit. Something like a combo drug.

A combo?  That can make you eat another human? What the hell?  I know weeds can really make you hungry, but  to make you wanna eat human?  I need to take a deep breath.

Ok, how about the 'super-human strength'?  Well, meth/coke does stuff in our adrenalin so definitely, it has a hand on that too....Although, isn't that supposed to decrease one's appetite?

It has also been mentioned that there was another incident bit similar to this in the past where "it took 15 police men to stop a naked man running outside behaving 'strangely', and taser gun had no effect...", like he doesn't get physically hurt?--- Maybe, this is where morphine comes in?

I wonder where ecstasy comes in.  Well, the face-eating guy was naked...maybe he was in some sort of 'party,sexy mode', so.....I guess ecstasy can be part of the concoction....I'm pretty sure I don't know what I am talking about now, Ha!

Seriously, with all the contradicting side-effects of these illegal drugs, mixed into one, well, it's no-brainer it can really make someone go 'strange'. Strangest of all the strange, maybe.

But then again, I really don't know how to take this news, I guess its gonna take maybe a few more similar news before this  can start sinking in.  And am pretty sure a lot of us feel the same way.  Even funny, extremely funny thoughts are finding their way into my head, imagining zombies all around! Ha!

We might not know how to let this sink in but it does not change the fact that  it is happening.

Maybe this is the reason why the Lord Jesus said that there will come a time when the mothers nursing babies would cry to the mountains "Fall on us".  One would rather have their babies die like that than be eaten alive by another human being.

An interview with the actual user:  "It was the evilest"

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