The Devil Doesn't Know What's On Your Mind

Even if you are so predictable.
When you love somebody, say it.  When you are sorry for having hurt someone, tell that person.  When you abhor something, renounce it out loud.

Because the devil doesn't know what's on your mind.  Until you make it clear to him your choice, he will not stop from enticing you to do things his way.  And he can only base his moves from your very own moves.

In the same way that when you are sorry for having offended God, you've got to confess it.  Out loud.  Not for God,  for He does already know what you are about to do or say even before you speak it.  Confessing out loud is for the devil to know what you truly think and feel.   "Hear me now?  Huh?  I am sorry of having chosen your way and I am saying sorry to my God! Bite me!"

The same thing applies to human-to-human relationship.  If you just base love on showmanship, there's a chance, a tiny bit of chance that things can get misunderstood.  It might be just a tiny chance, but it is still a chance.  Murphy's Law. And boy, how things can get messy sometimes.  Never base it on "Isn't it obvious?"  Nope, the recipe ain't complete without having to put things into words, which ever way you can.

Come to think of it.  If people just say what they need to get sent across to other people,  the world is less complicated, less dramatic,  less noisy, less 'dark'.  You get rid of misunderstanding.  Of suspicion. Of espionage, too.

On the other hand, with the devil and everyone else not knowing what's on your mind,  your silence can become your power too.  It enables you to have that element of surprise. Like, catching the devil 'off-guarded', when all your past moves have been convincing him that you have totally trashed the good in you, you make that absolute opposite turn  towards God. Simply walk away from that sinful world. Just walk away. No looking back. No contemplating. No more confiding to anyone else.  Just walk away. Run back to the Confession box.  Receive the Lord Jesus through the Holy Eucharist. Immerse yourself in His holy presence exposed through the Holy Bread in the Adoration Chapel. And keep that protection coming by asking the Lord's Mother for constant intercession through the Holy Rosary.

And that, folks, is  how you can deceive the Prince of Deception. Ha!  So who says that Catholic struggle is all drama? Nope, it ain't so! It can be hell suspense, too! And, mysterious.  And, funny?  It can be anything!!!

Because the devil doesn't know what's on your mind.


(And your mind is hack-free. Thanks to both sides observing the ' Policy on Free Will'. )

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