China, The Annoying Dragon

I couldn't care less about China. Way back then.

But China is becoming so 'annoying' to me now I cannot just shrug it off without writing about it.  Maybe even after writing about it.  Not because it is so progressive economically.  But just because.

Oh well, basically because it has an atheist government, a Communist ---something I pray would be completely, totally, be phased out forever from this human race.  Secondly, they build illegal drug laboratories here in our country then accuse us of slipping their illegal drugs back to their country (which in a funny way should be just right, rather than sell it here and destroy our people, why not destroy their own people with their own illegal drugs instead, right?) Thirdly, they ponder so seriously on the teachings of the Art of War book---and this I learned from my former hard-core Chinese boss who demanded me to read that book as my first month orientation in his office (which gave me an immediate impression that my boss was weird.)  I guess I just can't  fathom the idea of really wanting war ideas to  be a part of your  personality so much that you wanna be artistic with it.

Now, the thought of Chinese government applying the Art of War all the time, with US and Euro economy now down, somehow makes me want to be watching CNN all the more and less of vampire movies. Consider this:
        • To know your Enemy, you must become your Enemy.
        • Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance. 
        • One defends when his strength is inadaquate, he attacks when it is abundant.  
Spratley Island
And know that they are practicing it.


I think my annoyance started with the noise China created again about Spratley.  Seems like they want to bring back the old world's stuff:  conquering of lands.  Or something like that.  They want it.  Badly. And who know's what they're planning to actually get it? Like, when.

To think that both Philippines and China are Asian countries, it just bugs me and I hate it.  We are supposed to be helping neighbors progress, not take advantage of, just because one is militarily inferior.

And now, China is making noise again bashing our government's decision to reaffirm in gesture its friendship with US.  What the hell?  Are you jealous, China?  If you don't want us to invite US back in to our world, you better treat us right!

China-Iran Alliance
Its just so annoying because here we are, quietly aiming for progress, free already from foreign intrusion on our own affairs (well, at least not as messy as before already),  then suddenly China displays a bit of aggressiveness over Spratley.  Such a distraction!  At the same time, backing up Iran against US which in turn is backing up Israel.  With Philippines being a strategic base to US in preventing the rise of China, heck there's no escaping for us from getting involved, is there?

It's just so disturbing. And I hate it.  I started writing feeling annoyed, now I am really disturbed.  Sigh.

If China is a person and she is my neighbor and she is no communist, I would probably be fond of her knowing that she's so on top of the world right now, economically speaking.  Thinking that we are neighbors, she could help me out.  And I could really love her, in return. But  if our  basic beliefs are outright opposing poles, with the knowledge of her having a history of being selfish and deceptive even to her own neighbors, I would not hell trust her.

Is not China called the Red Dragon of the East???  I have this strange, strange feeling that the Dragon the Revelation speaks of is China.

We really should wisen up and learn about them more.  US and Europe should have done that a long time ago and look what China has done to their economy.  It's all part of the great scheme.

Hosea 4:6 my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge

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