Kim Jong Eun and Communism

Today is the feast of Sto, Nino, the little Jesus.  I thought of writing about kids but it just did not feel right.  Somehow, the youngest leader in the world has crossed my mind, the Communist leader, Kim Jong Eun of North Korea.

Then immediately, my young school days flashed back.  I remembered our school having us stand up straight saying the Angelus at 12 noon wherever we maybe in the school campus.  I think we did that for about a year.  I did not understand why then, except for the fact that my school was a catholic school and that must be it.  Years after, I realized that that Angelus was for the conversion of Russia.  And it did succeed converting Russia, breaking the Communism there.

Thingking about it now, I strongly feel and believe that we must pray for Kim Jong Eun, him being the newly elected leader of the seat of communism now.  He's just 28.  I've even read somewhere over the net that a classmate of his in Europe said he could not imagine Kim firing off a nuclear weapon to kill massive of people.  He's not meant to be a mean leader.  He needs our prayer.  Communism can stop in North Korea.  We just have to pray for him so he can lead North Korea in the right way, in God's way.  We did it before, we can do it again.

I have seen from National Geographic the secrets inside North Korea, how they live as if there is no life outside North Korea; how they are being cut off from the rest of the world, no internet, no celphone, totally isolated; how they grow up being taught that their leader is their God and attributed all goodness to their leader.  NO ONE DESERVES TO LIVE IN LIES LIKE THAT.  We have to rescue them.

Today, with the feast of Baby Jesus, I am starting a rosary crusade with my little buddies for Kim Jong Eun.  I believe he needs our prayers.  I hope you whisper a prayer for him too.

For peace in North Korea.  For peace in the world.

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