NBI Clearance Processing and Fixers

Recently, the local news have been talking about slow processing of clearance at NBI.  There were lots of mentioning about already-computerized system, big funding and stuff and yet still inefficient output.  And I started thinking, these officials think so big all the time that the simplest possible means to help better the system is sometimes overlooked.

There is a cheaper way of expediting government papers that does not even have to sound complicated.  It does not always have to require big funding if they really want to help the common filipino lining up early in the morning in government premises for clearance applications.  And that goes for other branches like SSS, BIR, etc.

I, myself, was able to come up with a very simple design that does not even necessitate a special software just to expedite a bit the application step for a clearance, which consequently helps also in the elimination of fixers.  

The idea simply involves the utilization of internet, downloading of application form, submission through the Gov't. agency's website, and payment through the agency's specified bank.  The applicant only needs to send the bank  official receipt number to the agency which will then have to be verified by the agency through it's bank's website (account information) before processing it. 

 If applied, this would help

(1) eliminate the fixers at Government agencies which process the most required documents from ordinary employees when      applying for work:  NBI (for NBI clearance), SSS (for SSS Number), BIR (for Tax Identification Number). as well as  LTO (for Student Permit), among others. AT THE SAME TIME, 

(2) hasten the application time,  and

(3) zero-out the daily long queues of applicants all hoping not to be hit by the cut-off hour .   Applicants sometimes have to be absent from work for 2 days whenever they need to process documents from government agencies.  This happens mostly in the metro branches.

There are some government agencies who are already allowing the downloading of application forms via internet.  However, the payment through banks are not yet being done.

Of course, complete automation would be very nice but that would really involve big funding, especially for the custom-tailored software that needs to be used. The thing is, baby step would not hurt much.  We can start hastening first the application process.  Then, soon to follow, the data conversion.  

We just got to start somewhere. 

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