Dear EXPATS / OFWs and Families,

I grew up from a family of expats.  Two generations now.   I  know how they feel when they're away working for their families.  And I also know how it feels to be at the other end, to be left countless times all for love.  I know what they exactly mean when they say "I miss you" and I think they are the most believable people in saying those three words.

If there's one thing I've learned that I want to share to others experiencing the same kind of set-up, it is this:  Time is fleeting and before you know it, you are growing gray hairs while your children are becoming parents themselves and your parents are close to forgetting even their names.  You've got to seize each and every opportunity to share moments with them, no matter how trivial it may seem, however which way you can do it.  You just got to take that vacant space in their hearts, that space that is meant to be filled with memories of just you and them, not their friends, not their significant others, but YOU. And when you seem to run out of opportunity to show them love, that very love you hold inside for them will guide you how to CREATE THE OPPORTUNITY.  Whether you are the one who left or the one being left behind, you must make that opportunity as if today is your last day . You just got to do it.

I've watched lots of reality tv shows that showcase competitions amongst participants.  And I've noticed one common factor competitors possess:  when the going gets tough, the participants get fired up whenever they are visited by their families.  Those who seem to be losing hope and about to give up are suddenly transformed into an even fiercer competitor.  And that's all because they are reminded of how much love they have for their families and how much love their families have for them.

So to you, dear OFWs, dear expats, hold on.  Know that your families are equally missing you and are equally loving you and holding on until that time you are face to face once again.  Use that love to inspire you each and every single day you are miles away from them.  But do hurry up.  Hurry making money and do come home immediately once you have enough.  The ones you left don't mind not being rich, just to have enough will do.  AS LONG AS YOU GET TO MAKE AS MUCH HAPPY MEMORIES TOGETHER in their lifetime, that's actually all that will really matter in their lives, in your life. 

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