As of School Year 2010-2011, per unit costs from 75Pesos up to 2000+. Some of the colleges have applied for an increase this coming school year and must have been approved as of this writing.

Below is the list of college schools accredited by Commission on Higher Education (CHED), taken from CHED's website, with their corresponding basic tuition fee per unit; some, along with courses offerred.

The basic tuition fees here are from schools themselves replying to inquiry through their email addresses as published here. Those tuition fees in red, however, were taken from an already-existing published info. If your tuition is not reflected here and you'd like to share it, POST IT ON THE COMMENT and I'll gladly add it up in the database.

Also, the schools were color-coded according to their classification as per CHED:
green and orange for STATE UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES, respectively; maroon and yellow for PRIVATE UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES, respectively. KNOWING THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A COLLEGE AND A UNIVERSITY can make a big difference in arriving at a good decision when choosing your school. Google it!

Feel free to sort it according to your preference: by school name, area, etc.

Courses offerred per school are on the farther right but are yet to be completed.

Hope this is of value to some of you outthere!

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