If You Are With A Suicide Bomber, What Will You Do?

If you realize that the person in front of you, or a foot away from you is a suicide bomber, what will you do? 

Suicide bombers are there because they want us to be terrorized, to be paralyzed by fear.

And when our mind is not conditioned to really counter the fear, when we are on that situation on that very second, we can be paralyzed by fear.

So to counter it, we should condition our mind for it.  Research, google on stuff about it. Encourage the town officials to conduct self-defense training. Increase social alertness, not just awareness.

For ourselves, what do we do?  Like, once we come across a suspicious person, say the person is sitting beside us watching basketball in the arena, wearing bomb vest and looking agitated, what do we do about it? Do we wait for some other people to notice it?  If we are very sure about the person, and there's no time, how do we keep their hands away from detonating the bomb? 

We have the Police forces. But what if the bad elements slip the sight of the police?  What if they succeed passing through the security and are able to mingle with the crowd, with us?  Then, nobody else then can help us but ourselves.  That chance to stop the criminal falls in our very own hands.

We gotta be able to do something when that scenario takes place.

Things like this we should think about nowadays.  Because it is happening.  No one can tell when it can happen next.  And we have to do our own part to be protected, and to protect others.   Without our own participation, divine intervention just don't happen.  We make it happen.

Whatever is driving the suicide bombers to do what they do, we should muster the courage to be able to give our lives too to counter them.  If they think they are brave on what they are doing, we should show them that we are braver not to let them succeed.  

We need to be tougher than them.  Fiercer than them.  Ready to become heroes in a split second if that's what it takes to save more lives.

Easier said than done.  But there's got to be a point when we can say to ourselves 'am ready to give my life for others.'

"God help us to do what we need to do, to be what we need to be, to win over evil."

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