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What We Keep Forgetting When In A Relationship

Yesterday was the Feast of Mother Mary of Mount Carmel.  Am very sure this is why I am reminded today of something I learned from a friend who entered the convent of Mount Carmel years ago.

Her name is Loida. She is a very devoted lady, a devotion I have wished to have before and is still struggling in this lifetime.

One time, we had a conversation on her life in the convent.  She said that there, they cannot have close friends.

I was surprised.  No close friends?  What does she exactly mean by that?  Aren't they supposed to be full of love and have friends because of that?

And so, by the puzzle emitted by my voice, she explained without asking what could have caused the invisible question mark on my forehead.

"The reason why we can't have close friends is because we are supposed to be non-exclusive to any one.  We should love every one equally.  No special friends.  No special treatment.  All equal."

These thoughts just sprung to my mind again today.  And I quickly…