North Korea's Nuclear Test Affecting Philippines

Today, my 9-year old niece approached me in fear.  She said she just heard from a local news channel about North Korea launching this week a 'bomb' that could hit us.  I explained to her what's really gonna happen, or supposed to happen this week and the extent it can do to us, the possibility.  But for a child, the fact that some of our people can get hurt is enough to cause her real fear and sorrow.

So, then I tried to watch the late news.  And there I saw two wives from separate provinces, Bicol and Camarines Sur, in fear of what might happen.  It seems it has been explained to them that it is not a bomb that could fall on them, but a "debris' with a size of the biggest refrigerator 'only'.  And yet, the fearful voice cannot deny what they feel.  And I can only be moved by their similar response when asked what they would do: "Wala kaming magagawa kung ganun ang mangyayari, ipagpapasa Diyos na lang namin." (We can't do anything if that's what's bound to happen.  We will just leave it up to God." 

Then I thought, 'where is our President?  Why is it all the newsmen I see on the tv?  Why can't he just make at least a public announcement, or something that could pacify the fear of those who are said to be possibly affected by the debris of the North Korea's April's Nuclear test?  That is the least he can do, I feel.

Is not our president supposed to stand by us, in our fear? In any threat there might be on our country?  I understand we don't have the necessary facilities to counter any nuclear threat like that of  Japan, I know we are not that rich or on that level yet but what I know is, we have a President who can at least try to personally reach out to the North Korean leaders, maybe ask them what they intend to do with the possible damage it can do to some of our people, whether it maybe a tiny debris only or anything bigger than expected.  At least, just do something and let us know you are defending us, Mr. President.

I tried to google it but all I see is the United States urging the North Korea not to pursue the test.  How about the president of the country who is bound to be affected by the debris??? Nothing.

Just because our people from the provinces do not complain, just because they are not as noisy and loud as the intellects of the city, just because they do not clamor for what they deserve, doesn't mean they should be taken advantage of.  Doesn't mean they are better left to themselves.

And to think this is just a 'debris' of a nuclear test I am talking about.

Is this how its gonna be?  If a powerful nation out there decides to really bomb us, the little Philippines, we are just gonna be a sitting duck with a president silent, maybe doing something with the militar, but not telling us how much he intends to defend us and stand by us at all cause.  Nothing.  Not a consoling word. We got to hear it sometimes!

Or maybe, he's waiting for the result of the test first.  Not minding the psychological effect to the people anticipating the actual days of the test, the actual days when the debris might fall on them.  It's not gonna be just one day, its several days.  Days of mental torture for those who have children to protect.  But I guess, the President's got his schedule set. 

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