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False Peace in the Philippines Before Duterte Came

False peace:  No bloodshed.  Abiding citizens, in disguise.  Yet in the dark corners, the illegal activities thrive.  As long as nobody is scandalized in public, no physical violence gets out in the open, it is acceptable.  That is false peace in the Philippines.

When everything appears to be according to the law, it's considered 'peaceful'. So the evil people manipulate the loopholes of the law.  Young people are manipulated to becoming movers of the drugs.  Their innocence are used as 'front' while the Commission on Human Rights  openly protects the rights of perpetrators who cannot even be called criminals yet as the 'due process is still on the way'.
False peace.  No bloodshed.  While zombies started growing in the Philippines.
After the Marcos regime, the making of the zombies started.  Drugs entered without noise.  Everybody happy.  
Years gone by, fathers start using family budget to spend for drugs.  Young girls getting raped and killed started plag…