President Duterte Has Resurrected the Craving for Independence

OVER 16 MILLION  Filipinos crave for the change that Presidente Duterte stands for.

We have a president who loves us back, who speaks for us and make things happen the way we want it for us.  And that's all it takes to ignite the craving for independence: from foreign governments' manipulations, evil plots and what not.  We have a president who believes in our own country.

To the young generation, the words 'Philippine Independence' may just mean only one thing: holiday.  As if its too much to understand.  Just because they cannot relate.  Never felt, never experienced.  Nobody knows anymore that it is something to crave for.  Of what it feels like to crave for it.

Philippine presidents kept changing, little improvements here and there. Yet, the sense of independence that the Philippine heroes of the past have fought for remained there, past. The sense, the craving for Philippine Independence, for a long long time, has just remained in one place: Philippine History Books, along with the dead heroes: Andres Bonifiacio,General Luna, Apolinario Mabini and all those who fought so hard for our country to be independent from the dictates of foreign governments.

Even during former President Corazon Aquino's EDSA days, when the love of country was very strong again, the sense of independence wasn't really that full. Why? Because there was still a strong COLONIAL MENTALITY, that we can never make it without the US, the feeling of us being the small brother to the United States, always looking up to their government as if everything they do and say comes from Heaven, everything that comes from them is the best.

I personally have never felt the real yearning for the spirit of independence like it sounded on our history books, the way our professors have explained it to us, with all the emotions and what not.

Until President Duterte came along.

Now, at least, we experience what those in the past have experienced: that craving for independence, that craving to tell the world that we are no little brother to anyone because WE ARE EVEN BETTER THAN THOSE WHO ARROGANTLY MANIPULATE US TO MAKE US THINK SMALL OF OURSELVES AS A COUNTRY.

We are no morons.  We know where we stand.  Look everywhere.  At every part of the world can be found Filipinos, leaders and servants, all excelling in what we do.  We are beautiful people, with a heart, so as our Miss Universe Pia once said.

WE ARE NO PUSH-OVER TO THE U.S. GOVERNMENT.  WE ARE NO PUSH-OVER TO THE UNITED NATIONS, which consequently was founded by US in Washington.

At last, we have a president who stands up for what is just for our country.  NO COWARD.  A president who in every essence, brings transparency to the Filipinos by saying as it is, no dramas, no edits, simply as it is.

We have a president who loves us back.  And that's all we need to crave for the spirit of independence.  With that love, we, the Filipinos, united as one under President Duterte, will move mountains!


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