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Torn Between Two Leaders

Philippines' President              The Catholic Archbishop

My heart goes for both of these leaders for my dear country. And its hurting to see that these two leaders are in contradiction right now, both aiming for the good of the Filipinos.
I feel that the Church itself have failed these victims of killings also.  I including, being a part of the Church.  Yes, we have failed to seek the lost.  We have failed to exert effort and really go out after  them. In our circle of friends, in our neighborhood, we have one or two we know have something to do with drugs and yet what did we do?  We were all contented with the overused line 'Let us pray for these souls', 'I will pray for him/her'.  But do we?  Really?  Its easier to isolate ourselves and play safe, right?  Its more convenient to be with our own chosen assuring friends than to mingle and try to spend time even just to ask 'what's going on with you? how are you?', maybe…