There are tons of advices out there how to keep a relationship. And yet, there are even more relationships getting trashed.  So I figured, maybe if there would be tons of advices how to trash a relationship, then there can be more relationships getting saved?

So here goes my...


1.  Do not forgive.  Do not forget.

Sorry is a word that is so heavy to let go from our mouth but can really restore a broken relationship when said with utmost sincerity.  If you find it very difficult to forgive your significant other from his/her mistakes, especially errors that cannot be corrected anymore just because it has happened already and there's nothing the person can do about it, if you do try to bring these errors again and again in your arguments, then you are surely pushing your significant other little by little to the edge because you are caging that person in a dark place painted by you, giving that person no more chance to grow or move on from the errors of the past. If you follow this, you can be guaranteed that person will fall apart in no time.
2. Give no room for imperfection.

We are all humans, bound to commit mistakes.  Now, if you start painting an image of your partner as a perfect partner, then sooner or later, when the imperfections start to show up little by little, you start to get affected in a bad way.  And to help ruin a relationship, you must point out immediately that imperfection, demand that it be corrected or else.  Pick a fight, make that imperfection the cause of that fight and blow it out of proportion.  Let your partner never hear the end of it.  And of course, add it to your list to bring out from the past when you have a fresh argument on just about anything.

3.  Tell the person how much he/she burdens you each time that person brings an issue when you have your own issues to deal with.

 Its innate in us to want to be appreciated, to feel valued.  And when the opposite happens, we feel so down.  It kills us inside.  So if you want to ruin your relationship, do the opposite.  Never appreciate or let the person know the good effect that person is doing to you.  Just point out how much you are burdened by things that that person does.

4.  Always dare to breakup.

A person who values the relationship will do anything,say anything to save it from collapse.  A person who wants to trash the relationship, on the other hand, must do or say the opposite.  If you are that person, make sure your partner feels how less value you are putting on the relationship. This is effectively shown each time you dare to breakup.  When you make it sound how easy it is for you to leave your partner, that will show how much value the relationship is to you.

5.  Keep comparing.

 We all want to feel unique.  We all have insecurities.  And when the person important to us starts comparing us to our competition, we feel bad about it.  Which is just natural.

Now, if you want to trash the relationship, you  have to do this frequently.  You have to lessen the confidence of your partner until he/she loses his/her own identity in the hope to please you.  In which, we go back to step number two:  give no room for imperfection.  If he/she can't please you completely, tell him//her how annoyed you are in his/her imperfection.  Just keep comparing every now and then, until that person gets over irritated and hopefully, volunteers to be the one to end the relationship.


 But just like when trying to save a relationship, it always takes two to break a relationship.  No matter how hard you try to trash it, if your partner chooses to save it, there's no way its gonna be easy for you to break away. You are blessed.


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