The Downside of New Gen in Business Communication

Not so long ago, knowing the English language was not enough to get hired in any corporation.  When it comes to transactions, you've got to be skilled in crafting your words, to get your message sent across with an angst on it yet very subtle at the same time. Specially when you represent the Management, or at least be their right hand or wing man.  You just gotta sound smart yet full of substance and not just angst: proper diction, right intonation or tone setting of the letter and all those stuff.

You sleep a few years later and suddenly, you can't tell what's a business correspondence from a casual conversation.

You try to craft a letter to convince a business partner that you're doing your best to address his/her issue with all your effort choosing for the right words not to be negative about the take time composing the letter....and after sending it, in a blink of an eye,  you get a response from your so-called business partner with the words like 'Seriously?'  without any hesitation to use exclamation points to express the tone of dissatisfaction, as if, there are no right words to send the message across other than that punctuation.  

You pause for a second and doubt if the person who just replied to you is aware being in the work place. Or probably a high school student taking OJT that early. You start thinking about the person probably in deep shit, maybe something personal who cares,  and that person is taking it out on you.

The disadvantage of using email at work for fast communication.  Young bloods don't take time to think anymore and just hastily write down whatever their emotions dictate them to express.  No distinction between a casual conversation and a business tone.

Who knows next time, the even younger generation would be attaching their selfie photos in their so-called business correspondence to express more clearly what they feel towards the recipient of the message.


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