Hail Mary Prayer: Time to Revise?

The Hail Mary prayer is a strong reminder of how the messenger of God greeted and brought the news to Mary that she would be carrying the Son of God in her womb, mentioning as well how her cousin Elizabeth acknowledged her blessedness upon hearing the news from Mary.  But equally important on this prayer is a very powerful plea for intercession to the very mother of Jesus, the same mother who requested Jesus to make a miracle at the wedding in Cana and was indeed granted one even though Jesus knew it wasn't His time yet, the very woman who cannot be turned down by the Son of God.

It is but right to promote this prayer as a powerful recourse of those who are in great need for holy intercession.

Yet, there is a part in that prayer that hinders some of us in saying the prayer.

The first part is unquestionable, it's all biblical, the message of Angel Gabriel and cousin Elizabeth are both bible-based.  The second part is where a study for revision lies.

'Mother of God'.  It  is a truth that is somewhat complicated to be easily understood by an average person. Maybe to a non-Catholic, it would even sound placing Mary above God.  And it is sad that this causes a lot of us to shy away from trying to learn to pray the rosary just because of those three words, "Mother of God".  

The good news is, there is a way to remove that stumbling block without compromising the truth:  

Not only does it fix the issue, it also promotes the real essence of the rosary.

Try to say the proposed revision and you'll feel the power of humility repeatedly emphasized in that prayer.  'chosen Mother of Jesus' re-emphasizes two powerful acts of humility:  
  • God having chosen a human being as His vehicle to bring Himself to men, and
  • Mary foregoing her own personal will and accepting  the divine will of God to immaculately conceive and carry the Son of God in her very own womb
The first part tells the same by quoting the words of Angel Gabriel and Elizabeth while the second part, on the revised version,  re-emphasizes it in a more direct way. This would be in contrast to the original version where the second part would seem elevating Mary above God.

It is humility that brings Satan to his knees that's why the blessed Lady has always been urging us to pray the rosary because it is what its all about:  humility.

Having said that, it is just right to ensure that the wordings of the second stanza be reflecting the same.

If that is what it will take to bring back those who have once practiced praying the rosary, if that is what it takes to encourage more to pray the rosary, then why not?  There is no compromise of truth anyway.  It, in fact, will be in consonance to what Pope Francis is now promoting: brotherhood.  He is doing his best to make peace and reconcile with those other Christian sects, to make things easier for all the Christians praise the same God, why shouldn't we?  Revising the second part of the Hail Mary is like doing the same thing: making way for others to easily come to Mary for intercession.

I personally practice saying the revised Hail Mary and I honestly feel its just right to say it that way. What if its how the blessed Lady really wants it?

Try it for yourself.   If you come to agree with me, please pass this article on.   =)

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