So Much for the Church Enthusiasm Over the Sacraments

A girl fond of frequenting the Adoration Chapel visits her parents' hometown. Finds out the Church there has one. Girl visits it. Loves it. One day, girl decided to move place to her parents after being separated from them for a long time. Girl becomes happier doing so.

A month after, girl visits the Adoration Chapel. Shocked. Not there anymore but ruins, blocks of rocks piled up.

Sunday comes, girl shyly approaches priest:"Fr.,when will the Adoration Chapel be restored?" Priest: Would you guard it 24 hours?" Girl:"Oh...Ok...I get it."


Same girl visits Quiapo Church, a famous Catholic Church in Manila, for the first time. After a very long travel, her exhaustion almost vanished completely seeing that there is an Adoration Chapel there.  Excitedly, she approaches the outside of the Adoration Chapel and starts removing her shoes.

A lady in what seemed to be a Church uniform there approaches her: "Miss, sorry but you are not allowed to enter the Chapel."

Girl shocked:"Huh, what do you mean?"

Lady in uniform:"We do not allow here sleeveless blouse. Sorry."


An 8 year old boy just had his first communion.  Along with it was his first confession.

A week after, boy committed a sin against his elder.  Strongly felt he has offended the elder that he decided he would see the priest for a confession.

Boy attended Mass.  Mass ended.  Boy approached priest: "Fr., I'd like to have a confession today. Can I?"

Priest:(recognized the boy who had recent 1st confession from him) "You're a holy child. Next time, ok? I have to go somewhere."


A grade three student saw on her firsts day of classes the school's cathecist. Excited, she approached her: "Sister, me and my friends are so excited to be grade three  now! We can already receive our first communion!" Sister: "Oh, tell your friends that you will have to wait another year. Father said it will be changed to grade four now."


A young man approaches priest: "Fr., our church here is open only once a week and it is even not that consistent. We are far from the town proper to attend a regular Sunday Mass there and most of the faithful here are aged or so young to go to the town often. How about installing an Adoration chapel here instead, I noticed our church here has its loft unused, which would be so nice to have it."

Priest:"My son, doing it is not that simple."


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