Senator TG3: The Beacon of Light of the Philippine Senate

News Flash:  There is still this one thing left to look forward to in the Philippine Senate.

The contributions of Senator TG Guingona.

Just when everybody promises transparency during campaign season and forgets the meaning of the word once elected, there's this one golden senator who literally lives up to the idea of transparent governance.

Just when most of the legislators develop the habit of  contributing to the deep sea of mediocrity with their backward ideas,  this senator comes up with fresh, relevant and timely contributions.

Author of the Crowd Sourcing Act 2012.  Opposed CyberCrime Act. Sounds like this is the only Senator who can really relate to the current technology, eh? Loud support to the Design Act? Awesome. And these are just a few!

Check out his website His tweets .  His Facebook account  Its no self-advertisement.  Its a documentation of what he really is doing.

His advocacies will make you realize that there  really is still something left exciting in the Senate.

Possessing intelligence and using intelligence are two different things. Majority of the senators possess intelligence.  Only one senator actually uses it.  Or at least, is transparent in using it.


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